Dry skin washing method in winter

In winter, the humidity in the air becomes very low, and even the skin on the face will dry out, which is very uncomfortable. So dry skin is the most comfortable when washing face, and the face is not dry at last. But it must not be washed for a long time, because the cuticle of dry skin is naturally thin, and the skin will become sensitive if it is washed hard for a long time, and the pores will be blocked and the acne will grow because of the abnormal cuticle. The face can only be washed twice a day. Wash your face in the morning for half a minute and in the evening for no more than two minutes. The method is as follows:


Step1: wash your face in the morning and rinse it with water. In fact, it is more complicated to wash your face in the evening. It is suggested that the amount of facial cleanser should be the size of the thumb, and there will be no foam when the hands are covered with hands.

Step 2: apply the cleanser to the forehead, tip of nose, cheeks and chin with 5 dots.

Step 3: paint each dot separately and evenly on the face.

Step 4: make a circle obliquely on both cheeks. In the face washing process, slightly press the four white points and temple points of the finger path to strengthen blood circulation.

Step5: quickly flush and remove the bubbles, then moisten the toner and cream or essence.

Correct the wrong way to wash your face in winter

Many mm feel that the skin will become dry and taut after washing, how can we clean and moisturize it? In fact, as long as your face washing method is right, you can wash out the hydrated skin! Now let’s tell you the do and don & rsquo; t in the face washing in winter, so that you can easily wash out the water tender face, and make your skin moist through the cold winter!

Do! Rinse face with cold water after cleansing

Analysis: Although Xu ruou is over 30 years old, she still has the delicate skin like an 18-year-old girl. She said that one of her skin care secrets is to wash her face with cold water after cleansing! Because after cleansing, washing face with cold water can shrink pores, improve facial blood circulation, and promote the nutritional structure of skin tissue. It can make the skin full of elasticity, reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles at the same time, and make the skin absorb the applied moisturizer better later.

Don’t! Wash your face with hot water

Cause: in addition to softening cuticle, overheated water will also damage cuticle. It can thoroughly remove the protective film of the skin, easily make the skin loose, increase the pores, and lead to rough skin. In addition, if the oil wash off too much, it will accelerate the aging of the skin. And the lower temperature water wash face, will make the skin pores closed, can not wash the accumulated in the face of sebum, dust and residues and other dirt, not only can not achieve the effect of beauty.

Correct way: it is most suitable to wash face with the temperature close to human body temperature. Wash face with the warm water of about 35 ℃, wipe skin gently with towel and wash at the same time, so as to gently take away the stolen goods on face.

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