Beauty's hand shaking skill, easy to shake off sub-health

About doing sports, many women will feel tired every day at work. Where is the time and energy to exercise? But the consequences of lack of exercise are: more and more body fat, pale skin, lack of vitality, sub-health also began to come to you & hellip; & hellip; in fact, some exercises are very simple, you can do them anytime, anywhere, depending on whether you are willing to insist. Here we recommend a kind of shake hands skill, simple exercise can help you easily get rid of sub-health.

It's quite simple to shake hands. Stand straight, with legs separated, shoulder width apart, and feet standing steadily. Then, swing your arms back and forth in the same direction. When swinging back, you need to use some strength. The trick is to use three-point force to swing forward and seven point force to swing back. When practicing, you should be relaxed and natural, not too fast. At the beginning, you can practice less, and then slowly increase the number of times, otherwise you will feel tired all of a sudden.

This kind of "shake hands skill" will affect the whole body to move, so as to promote blood circulation. Although it's a bit boring to do, the healthy body just comes from daily persistence.

&"Shake hands skill" is evolved from the ancient "Dharma and tendon changing classic". &"Easy tendons" means to change the tendons of slight diseases into strong tendons, so that people with diseases can recover slowly, and people without diseases have strong physique. The function of shaking hands can move 12 tendons of fingers, palms, wrists, toes, heels and knees, so that Qi and blood can circulate better, and many problems can be solved. It should be noted that after a period of practice, sweating, burping and farting will occur. Don't feel embarrassed. Farting means ventilation. When the Qi is passed, the body will be relaxed naturally. If you feel really embarrassed, do it in your own home. It's simple, convenient and natural.

&It's not difficult to "shake hands". It's difficult to persist. If the sisters are busy with their work, they can shake their hands a few minutes before dinner every day. They can also do some work in the gap. If they can do it for 10 minutes every day, the effect will be better. If you practice the skill of shaking hands frequently, you will be able to shake off your sub-health and good health, leaving you refreshed, physically and mentally clear and radiant.

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