In the crab season in China, three ways to pick out the super fat hairy crab

Now is the best season to eat crabs. When it comes to crabs, many people think of hairy crabs in Yangcheng Lake. Then there are a lot of hairy crabs on the market that are fake. Recently, many parts of the country have entered the season of eating crabs. Therefore, many crabs that fake Yangcheng Lake are also sold in the market. How can we pick out the crabs we want in the face of such fake crabs?

Recently, a message about crabs on the Internet was spread crazy. After investigation, it was found that many businesses began to sell crabs in Yangcheng Lake, and even some people said that they could deliver immediately, and even have anti-counterfeiting queries. However, some businesses had no choice but to accept reservations. So is Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs real? Many people have raised questions, and there are many fake anti-counterfeiting rings on the Internet. So it's really hard to tell the true from the false. It is understood that Yangcheng Lake has not been officially opened for fishing. Friends who want to buy it should wait first to avoid being cheated.

pick out the super fat hairy crab

In fact, if you want to eat the real Yangcheng Lake crabs, just wait a few more days. Every year, around the Mid Autumn Festival, you will start to catch them, so the girl who loves crabs can bear a few more days. Now let's learn how to pick a good crab.

1. Look at the crab shell

In fact, the crabs with more cream are usually dark green or even a little reflective. The weak crab is the yellow back, so we can choose the fat and tender crab according to this point.

pick out the super fat hairy crab

2. It can be seen from navel that fat is not fat

Many people feel nothing different when they look at a crab's navel. In fact, it's different when they look carefully. For example, fat crabs usually have protruding navels, because they are creamy and fat, while those with sunken navels usually have little meat.

pick out the super fat hairy crab

3. Hairy crabs are stronger

How to choose crabs? Just look at the hairs on the claws. Generally speaking, the strong and fleshy crabs have more villi, on the contrary, those with less villi are weak and sickly. Therefore, choose a good crab can start from this point.

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