It is incorrect to say that sub-health is not a disease

Sub-health refers to a kind of intermediate state between health and disease, with various manifestations, such as limb fatigue, mental retardation, anorexia, memory loss, easy to catch cold, drowsiness and other symptoms, which can be attributed to sub-health. However, people in sub-health state, although they feel uncomfortable, can’t find out what’s wrong when they go to the hospital for examination, which is also the main reason why sub-health is easy to be ignored.

In fact, although sub-health has no obvious symptoms of disease, it cannot be ignored. This is because the research shows that the root cause of sub-health is the low autoimmune function of human body, which leads to the uncoordinated operation of various organs and the low function of human body. If we don’t take proper measures to change the state of sub-health, the sub-health symptoms will not only be more serious, affect people’s normal life, but also lead to further decline in the body’s immunity, so people are more likely to suffer from other diseases.

Therefore, we should change the concept that “sub-health is not disease” and take sub-health diseases seriously.


To deal with sub-health, we should generally take in nutrition comprehensively and evenly, combine work with rest, maintain healthy life rules and pleasant mood, and take a positive attitude towards life.

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