The long time of spermatorrhea will hurt the vitality. Decoction is prepared to protect kidney yin

Spermatorrhea is a disease of sexual function. The kidney contains essence, which should be sealed and fixed rather than released. Mature men, without sexual intercourse, occasionally wake up one or two times a month with semen leaking out of their dreams without any discomfort, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. If spermatorrhea is frequent, the course of the disease will last for a long time, and kidney Yin will be depleted, which will lead to vital injury. Xu Lingtai, a famous physician in the Qing Dynasty, believed that spermatorrhea was caused by the disturbance of deficiency of kidney, deficiency of kidney or deficiency of kidney. Anyone who works too hard, gets angry, injures his liver, indulges in sensuality, and is addicted to drinking and drinking can affect the sealing of the kidney and the spermatorrhea.

People with spermatorrhea should pay attention to mental health, do not watch pornographic videos or pornographic books, and keep normal sexual life after marriage. We should also pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the sexual organs clean and sanitary, and treat the patients with phimosis and foreskin in time.

Sleep is not real and dreamy, frequent spermatorrhea in dreams, insomnia and forgetfulness, dizziness and tinnitus, belong to the type of spermatorrhea of heart kidney non intersection, and can take the medicine of communicating heart and lung. Take 5g of Coptis, 5g of licorice, 10g of angelica, 10g of Polygala, 15g of jujube kernel, 15g of raw land, 15g of Fu Shen, 15g of lotus seed meat, 18G of calcined keel and 18G of oyster. 1 dose per day in water.

Spermatorrhea in dream, erection of penis, hyperactivity of sexual desire, irritability and irritability are spermatorrhea of hyperactivity of liver fire type, which should be cleared of liver and purgative fire. Take 10 g of Cortex Moutan, Gentiana, gardenia, Melia azedarach, Scutellaria, bupleurum, 15 g of raw land, 15 g of white peony and 6 g of liquorice. 1 dose per day in water.

Frequent spermatorrhea, or urine when a small amount of semen outflow, urine red hot turbid, or urine astringent, thirsty, upset little sleep, is a warm heat injection type of spermatorrhea, the treatment focus on heat and dampness. Take 10 grams of Poria cocos, Shiwei, Cheqianzi, Rushan, Shichangpu, Berberis, Atractylodes macrocephala and Gentiana, 15 grams of raw oysters and 6 grams of licorice. Take it in water, 1 dose per day.

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