To quench thirst for eyes

Long term computer related workers often have dry eyes. They feel thirsty for 1-2 hours. Sometimes they can't help but want to rub their contact lenses out.

Did your eyes quench your thirst?

Now, the problem of dry eyes has become a very common phenomenon in people, especially those who wear contact lenses or are used to eyedrops. Their eyes are especially dry.

The environment of computer workers is very superior, but it is this superior environment that accelerates the dryness of eyes. There is often air conditioning in the working environment with computers. Tears will evaporate rapidly in the air conditioning environment, causing dry eyes and other problems. Therefore, whether you wear contact lenses or not, you must close your eyes and rest for a while after 50 minutes of watching the computer. In addition, you can drink some water and use some eyedrops properly to effectively prevent dry eyes.

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