Can I smoke while eating?

Some people have the habit of smoking when they stop in the process of eating and drinking, and then continue to eat and drink. Some people simply smoke while eating and drinking, which is very harmful.

Can I smoke while eating
Can I smoke while eating

Smoking has a lot of harm to health. It can be said that there are hundreds of harm but no profit. Here we only talk about the harm of smoking when we eat. With eating and smoking, the toxic substances in the smoke will stick to the mouth and throat, enter the gastrointestinal tract with the food and directly harm the human body. In addition, smoking can also cause taste disorders, inhibit the secretion of digestive glands and reduce the resistance of digestive tract mucosa. Over time, it will inevitably affect the digestion and absorption function of people, and even cause gastrointestinal diseases. For example, when drinking and smoking at the same time, the harm to health is far more than the harm caused by simple smoking at ordinary times. Because alcohol can dissolve toxic substances in cigarettes, including carcinogens, and can be directly absorbed by the liver. Therefore, you are advised not to smoke when you eat. Those who have this habit must overcome and correct it immediately.

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