Why not eat too fast?

Meals vary from person to person. It seems that it is human nature for some people to eat fast and some people to eat slowly. Moreover, parents often say “eat fast” when educating their children to eat;.

In fact, eating too fast to avoid eating, especially in childhood, all kinds of habits are waiting to be formed, and parents must guide them correctly to form habits that are good for the body.
food has entered the digestive system of human body since it entered the mouth. It should be chewed fully in the mouth to make it fully mixed with digestive enzymes in the saliva of the mouth, so as to help digestion and absorption. For example, food containing starch can be digested initially when chewed in the mouth, making people feel the fresh and sweet taste of food, thus having the effect of increasing appetite. If you eat too fast, the food is not easy to chew fully, then bolt down, into the stomach also need the stomach to be stirred again, to increase the burden on the stomach.

Why not eat too fast
Why not eat too fast

And some fried food and hard food, the stomach can’t mash it at all, incomplete chewing will affect the digestion of food, not only make the nutrients in the food can’t be absorbed, but also bring harm to the stomach, for a long time will produce stomach pain.

Therefore, people should form a good habit of eating and avoid eating too fast. Only by fully chewing the food in the mouth and then swallowing it, can it be conducive to digestion and absorption. Especially for children in the forming period of eating habits, parents should give correct guidance, so that children can develop healthy eating habits from childhood.

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