Can lactating biscuits help mothers to produce milk?

If you are a new mother, you are likely to have had a lactation biscuit. Maybe your mom is talking about it, or it will appear on your Instagram, or you will watch it when you shop for your baby. These cookies appear on the shelves. Mothers who breastfeed are almost always questioning their milk at some point. Of course, these mothers will also find solutions and ensure that their milk meets their baby’s needs.

Lactating biscuits may not cause any harm to women, but there is no evidence that it can promote milk flow. Therefore, if a mother is worried about the supply of milk, it is best to find a professional to solve the problem, the professional will evaluate Whether mothers are having problems with breastfeeding and recommend evidence-based solutions.


The term Galactogogues is used to describe foods or drugs that promote or increase the flow of breast milk. Today there are more and more types of prolactin, many of which are Chinese herbal products (such as cradle), special foods (such as biscuits) or Drugs (such as domperidone, etc.). Studies have shown that these drugs (especially domperidone) are effective, the principle is to increase the level of prolactin, a hormone that promotes milk production, but there is little evidence that the intake of certain foods can increase the body. The supply of milk.

From staging to commercialization

Different cultures encourage breastfeeding women to consume special foods during breastfeeding to promote breastfeeding, which undoubtedly led to the development of “breast biscuits” (breast biscuits) in Western society, which some companies commercialize and online. Or the store sells, the price of each biscuit is between 2-3 Australian dollars, and there are many recipes on the Internet for people to bake at home.

lactating biscuits

Lactating biscuits contain common ingredients such as oatmeal, flaxseed and brewer’s yeast. Researchers are not sure whether these ingredients can stimulate the flow of milk. Mothers will post the levels of milk secreted before and after their ingestion of biscuits. However, scientists still lack research evidence that the above ingredients are effective in increasing milk secretion. Research on this nature is actually very difficult. If you want to see the real effect, scientists need to do a lot of breastfeeding women. Tracking, not only to control their diet, but also to determine the amount of milk that is actually secreted over a period of time, while determining the effective dose of lactating biscuits also requires some experimentation.

Does not cause harm

Lactating biscuits can be safe and practical and will not harm your baby. Although it is said, ingesting biscuits will increase the body’s intake of calories, so overdose may also be an important problem, but women who are breastfeeding will increase the body’s energy requirements anyway. And biscuits are not a substitute for healthy food.

The use of such biscuits will also increase women’s confidence, help reduce stress and increase milk production; a small study on the use of herbal supplements in breastfeeding shows that confidence is an important reason for using these products, we all know that for For mothers, their confidence in successful breastfeeding is critical to the duration and success of breastfeeding.

If you are worried, go to a professional.

Premature use of the prolactin may convey this information to mothers who are unable to produce enough breast milk to feed their baby, but we all know that most women can do this, and the easiest way to produce more breastmilk is to feed regularly. Because the body will increase the feeding by increasing prolactin, thereby increasing the production of breast milk.

For women who are concerned about breastfeeding, it seems unwise to rely solely on lactating biscuits. These women should consult a health professional, such as a general practitioner or breastfeeding consultant, who will provide appropriate support to prospective mothers to optimize Breastfeeding.

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