Drink milk diarrhea, can you drink yogurt? 4 yogurt tips

Speaking of milk, everyone should be familiar with it. Many people grow up with milk. When we are long, drinking milk can help us to supplement calcium and promote growth and development. However, some people can’t drink milk, and one drink is diarrhea.

This part of the population is likely to be intolerant to lactose in milk. The lack of lactase in the human digestive juice affects the digestion and absorption of lactose, which in turn leads to uncomfortable stomach or diarrhea after drinking milk.

Then the problem is coming, although I can’t drink milk, but I don’t want to drink yogurt. Today we will learn about the 4 little knowledge about yogurt.

Drink milk diarrhea, can you drink yogurt?

It has been said that drinking milk diarrhea is mainly due to the individual’s intolerance to lactose in milk. After yoghurt fermentation, some of the lactose will turn into lactic acid and other organic acids, reducing the possibility of lactose intolerance. Lactic acid bacteria itself produce a lot of lactic acid enzymes to promote the body’s digestion of lactose.

If you drink milk and have diarrhea, you can try yogurt.

The sour yogurt is better?

The reason why yogurt is sour is because the lactic acid bacteria gradually increase with time, and the acidity of yogurt will show an upward trend. Yogurt stored at low temperature has moderate acidity and good lactic acid bacteria activity. While yoghurt at room temperature, lactic acid bacteria will rapidly multiply and cause acidity to rise, which is easy to exceed health.

At this time, the yogurt is very acidic, but the activity of the lactic acid bacteria is very low, and the denaturation of the milk protein is increased, which is not conducive to human body absorption. All in all, yogurt is not as acid as possible.

Can the baby drink yogurt?

In general, yogurt is a cold drink. The baby’s gastrointestinal tract is weak, and eating cold food can easily lead to gastrointestinal disorders. It is best not to drink yogurt for babies under 1 year old.

Drinking yogurt can lose weight?

Drinking yogurt can help to lose weight to a certain extent. Yoghurt contains active lactic acid bacteria to help gastrointestinal motility, balance intestinal flora to improve constipation. Yogurt is rich in protein, which can increase satiety. Drinking in moderation can help to lose weight.

However, yogurt itself also has a certain amount of calories, too much consumption will lead to excessive heat, becoming a stumbling block on the road to weight loss. Some of the yoghurt currently on the market is flavored fermented milk with a high sugar content. The addition of fruits and grains such as oatmeal is still relatively high.

Drinking yoghurt in moderation is still helpful for people who are losing weight.

Today I talked about 4 yogurt tips and I hope to be useful to everyone.

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