Can pregnant women eat bayberry?

It's the time to eat bayberry. Every time I pass the fruit stand, I want to buy some. But every time I just want to pay for my money, I have a variety of problems: there are insects in it, will it be unhealthy if I eat it? It seems that it's washed and faded, is it dyed?

Are these true? Let's talk about it next!

1. Arbutus has worms. Can't you eat them?

Can pregnant women eat bayberry

Yes, there may be insects in the arbutus. Those insects are the larvae of fruit flies, but there is no harm in eating them. If you really feel that you can't accept them, you can kill them by soaking them in salt water. Generally, adding salt into the water and soaking them in the arbutus for about 10 minutes can solve this problem. And you'll find that in addition to killing insects, there's another advantage of salted bayberry, which can make it taste more refreshing and sweet.

2. Can't you eat red bayberry?

Can pregnant women eat bayberry

In the saltwater soaked bayberry, the water is generally red, just like washing the dye, but in fact, don't worry. This is because the bayberry itself contains anthocyanin, which also tends to be red, so the juice in it flows out when soaking, and the water will naturally turn red. But when buying bayberry, we still suggest that you choose fresh ones, so that the juice will not flow out and splash the water red, so how to choose? First, you can feel it with your hands, if it's soft, it's not fresh; second, you can smell it before you take your nose, if there's a smell of wine, it's not very fresh.

3. Can't you eat it with seafood?

Can pregnant women eat bayberry

Because there is rich vitamin C in bayberry, there is a rumor that it can't be eaten with seafood, or arsenic will be produced after eating. But in fact, such statements are false. If this happens, it may be that you need to eat hundreds of Jin of seafood, plus dozens of bottles of vitamin C at the same time.

4. Pregnant women can't eat it?

Of course, you can eat it, but you should pay attention not to eat too much. It's OK to eat no more than half a Jin every day. In addition, we need to pay attention to the deterioration, because the bayberry is not easy to store, so if it becomes soft and tastes bad, don't eat it again.

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