Can you eat while watching TV?

When people eat, almost all the digestive organs are active, and a large amount of digestive fluid is secreted, and blood will also be concentrated in the digestive organs. If you watch TV while eating, you need the brain to participate in the analysis of things observed from the outside world. Brain activity needs to supply a large amount of blood, so that digestive organ activity is affected, which hinders the digestion of food.

On the other hand, because and part of the blood has flowed into the digestive organs, the blood supply of the brain will be insufficient when watching TV, and the brain will feel dizzy after a long time. As a result, the TV is not optimistic and the food is not good. Therefore, furniture should be placed reasonably.

TV is a tool for people to entertain, and when they eat, they should be in the dining room. It’s better not to treat the living room with TV as a dining room, resulting in the habit of watching TV when they eat.

If the conditions are limited, you can only eat in the room with TV. You should pay attention to turn off the TV when eating, otherwise it will be harmful to your health.

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