What's the harm of scolding children at dinner?

In life, some people seldom have time to accompany their children at home. Everyone is busy with their work. Most of the time for their children is also in school. It's time to eat when they can get along with their parents the most. Only at this time can parents find or think of their children's bad behaviors, so they severely reprimand and even scold their children with some impatient parents. This is extremely harmful to children's eating, education and advice children must not choose to eat.

scolding children at dinner
scolding children at dinner

Because the normal digestive function comes from the strong appetite and the normal nerve activity. You may have the experience that if you are in a good mood, you will have a strong appetite; if you are worried about your mind, you will not think about food; if you are in a low mood, you will not feel hungry, which is what people often call "full of Qi";. Scolding or beating or scolding a child while eating will cause a strong mental reaction of parents and children, that is, parents are angry and children are not happy. These for the body will make the stomach, intestinal peristalsis and the secretion of digestive glands are inhibited, which is easy to cause dyspepsia or poor absorption, so eating in scolding will not only cause the waste of nutrition, but also harm the growth of children and the health of parents.

Therefore, even if we find that children have mistakes, we should find a suitable opportunity to correct them calmly. Most adults have self-control, and must restrain themselves, do not throw tantrums at children at the dinner table, and let children eat normally and happily. Only in this way can it be good for children and parents.

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