No newspaper for food

Wrapping food in newspaper can do great harm to health.

It’s not advisable to pack food in newspaper

Old books and 1-day newspapers are generally abandoned after people read them. When readers read them, they often take the bacteria on their hands to the books and newspapers. Some people often read books and newspapers when they go to the toilet, or go to get them without washing their hands. If the newspaper circulars have the infectious disease patient or the carrier, will cause the book, the newspaper to carry the pathogenic bacteria.

In addition to these man-made pollution, the existence of some pathogenic microorganisms in the natural air and dust can also pollute the paper. In addition, books and newspapers are printed with type and ink. The ink contains toxic compounds such as chlorobiphenyls, and often contains heavy gold, arsenic, lead and other harmful substances.

When you use these old newspapers to wrap the food directly into the mouth, the contaminated microorganisms, parasite eggs and chemical poisons will be swallowed along with the food, which is undoubtedly a great harm to the body!

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