Do a good job of detoxification, you can also become a fragrant Princess

Women who love beauty want to smell attractive, and perfume them on their bodies or use aromatherapy products, but in fact, women can naturally emit natural fragrance from inside and outside.

This is because the human body has the function of metabolism, which is closely related to the quality of personal physique and daily diet. You can make yourself send out fragrance from inside to outside through reasonable health preserving methods and healthy eating habits.

If you want to get body fragrance, you must always remove the poisons in your body. These pollutants and toxins are the root cause of body odor and various diseases. You should often detoxify yourself to make your body clean and lay a foundation for self fragrance generation.

1. Deep breathing and lung clearing

Choose a place with more outdoor plants and fresh air. Take more deep breaths to clean your lungs.

Defecate and clear intestines

If the excrement is not removed from the body in time, especially the stool, the toxin will remain in the body and cannot be discharged. Therefore, form the habit of regular defecation every day to keep the intestine clean.

3. Perspiration and detoxification

Perspiration is an important method of detoxification, a large number of toxins will flow out of the body with sweat. Develop the habit of regular aerobic exercise. In the process of exercise, the amount of oxygen absorbed by human body is more than ten times than usual, which can greatly enhance the disease prevention and immunity ability of immune cells, smooth the circulation of body fluids, promote the metabolism of human body, and prevent the accumulation of poisons in the body because they cannot be discharged from the body.

4. Food detoxification

Vegetables and fresh fruit juice are excellent detoxification drinks, because vegetables and fruits contain more alkaline substances, which can neutralize the excess acidic substances in the blood, make the blood in the body weak alkaline, so as to dissolve the toxins accumulated in the cells, and then discharge the dissolved toxins out of the body through the excretion system.

Detoxification can purify people’s body and prevent weight gain. However, many people have questions about what causes people’s body odor, which is slightly fishy and fragrant? In fact, human body odor is a mixture of secretions from various glands. Among them, the secretion of the sweat gland is an important component of the secretion that forms body odor.

The substances secreted by human sweat glands contain a kind of substances called butyrate more or less. The concentration of these substances largely determines a person’s body odor: when the concentration of such substances in secretion is a little higher, it will make your body smell fishy or even shy. If the concentration is a little higher, it will stink. If the concentration of butyrate is low or very thin, your body odor is partial It’s fragrant.

In addition, there is another reason why the human body can emit fragrance, because the body odor emitted by the human body contains a substance called p-steroid reward. When this substance is combined with a thin concentration of butyrate, it can make the human body emit body fragrance.

Of course, due to different systems, different dietary structures, different living habits and metabolism, the concentration of butyrate secreted by sweat glands will be different, which will also lead to different body taste of each person, so if you want to obtain aromatic body taste, you can control the concentration of butyrate by human means.

You can make a fragrant woman without perfume and aromatherapy. You probably never thought about it before. In fact, do a good job in body detoxification, prevent the accumulation of excess toxins, and develop healthy eating and living habits. You can also naturally produce fragrant body fragrance like Princess Xiang. No matter where you go, you will be envied.

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