See if your body needs detoxification

The waste generated by human metabolism is not always discharged from the body. For those who usually like to eat big fish and big meat, have no control and irregular eating habits and bad living habits, a large number of waste generated by metabolism can not be discharged from the body through normal channels, but can only be accumulated in the body. Over time, more and more toxins will be accumulated in the body It leads to many diseases. Therefore, the body needs regular detoxification. When judging whether you need detoxification, you can see if you have the following symptoms. If you have these symptoms, it means that there are too many toxins in your body. You must help clean up your body, or you will cause many diseases.

There are many easy ways to test whether you need detoxification.

If you often have halitosis, abdominal distension, fart odor, flatulence, hiccups, constipation and other problems, it means that your intestinal waste is accumulated too much, so the phenomenon of appeal will occur. In fact, the human gut is the place where food nutrients are absorbed and feces are formed and stored, which means that most of the human waste is actually accumulated in the gut. Intestinal detoxification is particularly important.

For those who are often tired, listless, prone to cold, overheated, sweaty and wet hands and feet, it is also possible to accumulate too much body toxins. Because, if the toxin in the human body accumulates to a certain extent, the burden of various organs and systems in the human body will be increased, and then fatigue and other phenomena will occur. At the same time, the immunity of the human body will begin to decline.

There are symptoms of frequent urination, less urination, tingling urination, swelling of limbs and edema of lower limbs. It is because the function of kidney is affected by some pathogenic factors or too much toxin, which makes a large amount of water in human body unable to be removed and stay in the body. Moreover, the kidney is an important excretory organ in the human body, and the urine is the excreta of the human body. Therefore, the urine is an important reaction of whether the toxins in the body accumulate.

Some people’s skin is either too dry, too greasy, or prone to some skin problems such as rashes, spots, small pimples, etc., and are prone to allergies, which are caused by excessive accumulation of skin poisons. Skin is an important way to detoxify human body, and it is also a big mirror of physical condition. Through skin, we can see how our health is.

The person with unclear mind, poor memory and irritability may also be due to excessive accumulation of toxins or garbage in the body. Excessive accumulation of toxins in the body will cause too much pressure on various organs or systems of the body, seriously affect the circulation in the body, lead to poor circulation, lead to insufficient blood supply and oxygen, lead to lack of oxygen in the brain, and seriously affect the normal work of the brain Cause a series of emotional and mental problems.

In fact, obesity is also caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. Because obesity is generally caused by cell overload and fat accumulation. When a large number of toxins are accumulated in a human body, it will affect its normal excretion function, and then induce obesity.

If you’re still wondering if you need to detoxify, look at the symptoms above to see if they’re also on you. If so, we should face it squarely and try to solve it. Women during ovulation should pay more attention to the changes of their bodies, and put detoxification on the agenda. Don’t let the accumulation of body toxins affect your health and cause more problems.

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