Methods of detoxification

There is a scientific basis for cutting off food. We must follow the rules and follow the methods. We must not rush to cut off food without understanding. Generally speaking, the time of fasting should be determined according to your own physical condition, and it should be noted that long-term fasting cannot be carried out at the beginning, and the time of fasting should be increased step by step. In the process of fasting, we should pay attention to that if the body feels unwell, we should stop immediately and resume eating. We must not be strong. The method of cutting off food is also very important, which should be selected according to its own characteristics and needs. Generally speaking, there are three methods of cutting off food: reducing food, incomplete cutting off food and complete cutting off food.

1. Reducing food is to reduce the intake of calories, fats and sugars, and also to eat less foods with high cholesterol content and more fiber content. This method is good for weight loss, because this process reduces energy intake.

2. Incomplete fasting means that during the period of fasting, the intake of calories in the human body is very low. These calories are mainly to meet the basic needs of the body to maintain life. Generally speaking, the duration of this therapy is relatively long, and the specific time needs to be determined according to individual needs and circumstances.

Methods of detoxification

3. Complete fasting means that during the fasting period, we don’t eat any food, but only drink juice, vegetable juice and other drinks, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating toxins in the body.

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