Do not eat chicken, duck and fish after exercise

Many people think that after exercise, they consume too much physical strength. They often like to eat chicken, duck, fish and meat to supplement and recover their physical strength. However, on the contrary, some people do not get the effect of eliminating fatigue, but feel muscle swelling, joint pain, and mental fatigue.

After physical labor or large amount of exercise, the body will feel very tired and sore. In the case of muscle ache, the acidity in the body is already great. If you continue to eat acidic food, such as fish, meat, eggs, seafood, sugar, peanuts and other food rich in protein and fat, it will increase blood acidification, slow down the decomposition of acid metabolites, and thus increase fatigue Extent.

In fact, you should eat alkaline food, such as beans and bean products; spinach, lettuce, radish, potato, lotus root, onion, kelp, apple and other fruits, vegetables and seaweed; milk and dairy products. These substances are metabolized into alkaline substances in the body, which can prevent the blood from transforming into acid, accelerate the elimination of fatigue, and maintain human health.

Food City tips

It is not advisable to do strenuous exercise after meals. Generally, it is better to eat 1-1.5 hours after meals.

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