Tips for hiccup treatment

Hiccup is usually caused by diaphragmatic spasm. There are many causes of diaphragmatic spasm, mainly manifested in the spontaneous and regular contraction of the diaphragm. Hiccup can also be caused by fast swallowing or sudden rise of abdominal pressure in healthy people, which usually disappears automatically. Some people will continue this phenomenon for a long time, thus forwarding it to a more serious hiccup. The following simple method can be tried.

A small way to treat hiccup

  1. If there is hiccup during eating, stop eating and take three or four deep breaths in a row, which can be controlled in a short time.
  2. If hiccup occurs many times, you can use your hands to press the "Shaoshang" points on both sides. The strength should be appropriate to feel obvious pain. Two hands can be replaced.
  3. Take a cotton swab, or wrap cotton around one end of the chopsticks, put one end of the cotton into the mouth, and press and hold the joint of the hard and soft palates slightly back. Usually one minute will work.
  4. For some patients with intractable hiccup, a small amount of 0.5% procca can be taken, but attention must be paid to the phenomenon of respiratory inhibition and pneumothorax. It can also be treated by acupuncture. Some patients with brain tumor or stroke also have hiccup, which is caused by the respiratory center disease of the brain, and can be pacemaker of diaphragm, which is very helpful for the treatment of hiccup.

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