Do not eat more dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is very important for health. The idea of eating more in our daily diet has been emphasized again and again. It sounds like the more fiber you eat, the better. If you think so, you are wrong.

Although the benefits of fiber can be listed in a long list, including preventing constipation, reducing the risk of multiple cancers, reducing cholesterol and lipids, helping to control blood sugar and weight, etc. However, at present, the ideal fiber intake is 20 & mdash; 35g / day. Because a large amount of fiber intake for a long time will prevent us from absorbing important minerals, such as calcium, iron, zinc, copper, etc. Moreover, oxalic acid and phytic acid in vegetables (one of the main sources of fiber) will also affect the absorption and utilization of minerals.

Secondly, fiber is easy to bring satiety, so when fiber foods eat a lot and occupy the stomach capacity, other foods will eat less, which is for some people with small appetite or the elderly. On the contrary, it may lead to insufficient heat intake, or poor intake of protein, fat and other important nutrients.

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