No more trace elements

The content of Microelements in human body is less than 0.01%. Although the content of Microelements in human body is relatively low, it has an important biological role under the appropriate concentration conditions.

The function of Microelements in the body is related to the content. Each element has its most suitable concentration range. When it is lower than the lower limit of the range, the element will not work in the body, but when it is higher than the upper limit of the range. May have adverse effects on the human body. It even causes poisoning.

The function and concentration of microelements are limited in a very narrow range. For example, the difference between the normal requirement and toxic amount of microelements selenium by human body is less than 10 times. Zinc has a wide range of action, but when the intake of zinc is 20 times higher than the recommended supply of nutrients, toxic reactions can occur after 6 weeks.

Microelements, like other major elements, are indispensable nutrients in human body, but they are harmful if ingested in proper amount.

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