Should we choose a big meal for dinner?

Everyone has three meals a day. Scientists suggest that we should have a good breakfast, a full lunch and less dinner. But in real life, people often put the cart before the horse, or they don’t do it at all. They often rush to work in order to get more sleep in the morning, and then eat something casually. Because of the short time at noon, or for lunch break, they often find a place near the company to eat, and then wait until the evening, after work, they start to take more time seriously Consider foraging, and often eat a lot at night;

In fact, this practice is harmful to the human body. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the harm of eating too much dinner for you.

a big meal for dinner

First of all, eating too much dinner can easily lead to insomnia

It’s a good thing to choose to go out for a big meal with friends at night, but it may cause you to sleep poorly or sleep poorly at night. This is because the human body needs to digest the food after eating, and the rich and varied food will often make your body produce more energy, stimulate your brain nerves, make your brain more active, resulting in sleepless at night, or keep excited, difficult to enter deep sleep state;

Also, eating too much dinner can lead to obesity

For female friends, special attention should be paid to not eating too much or too much. Because this may make you want to maintain a good figure will be difficult to maintain; eating too much or more abundant dinner will easily lead to obesity in your body and make you gain weight; this is because your body can not have enough time to digest the food you eat near the time of sleep at night. If these foods are not digested in time, it is likely to form fat, which will increase the fat content in your body and cause obesity. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat too much at dinner.

Scientific diet rules are not groundless. Sometimes the human body should follow these rules as much as possible to live, so as to make your life and body more healthy.

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