What should we do if leftovers cause cancer?

The housewives must have such troubles. Sometimes they cook too much food, especially during the Spring Festival. They think it’s a pity that the leftovers are poured out. They want to stay for the next meal and continue to eat, but they are afraid of cancer. So what should I do? See below~

First, I prefer meat dishes to vegetables.

Vegetables are more likely to produce harmful substances overnight than meat dishes. Because the nitrate content in vegetables is relatively high, the bacterial activities are easy to change into toxic substances in the storage process. So in the case of more leftovers, try to eat more vegetables. Meat dishes are heated thoroughly in the next meal, which is less likely to produce harmful substances and better to preserve. There are also fish and shrimp, which are easy to be polluted. In order to make them delicious, they are easy to leave bacteria after heating. Therefore, fish and shrimp are the meat dishes that should be eaten first.

The second way is to put them into the refrigerator in a timely manner

leftovers cause cancer

During the Spring Festival, the action of CD-ROM is not realistic. Therefore, when leaving the pot, separate some dishes in advance, and put them in the refrigerator after they are cooled thoroughly. In this way, the shelf life of these dishes will be longer than that of those dishes that have been in the pot for three or four hours. Everyone has touched and put them in the refrigerator with chopsticks for a long time.

The third way is to heat thoroughly and eat only one meal of leftovers

It’s better to thoroughly heat the leftovers once and eat them. The repeatedly heated leftovers are not only free of protein and vitamins, but also easy to produce harmful substances. Like large food or easily broken bean products must be hot through, you can first use the microwave oven to heat up the inside of the food, and then use the steamer or boiler to heat up.

Fourth, leftovers processing into new dishes

leftovers cause cancer

Leftovers are always not as popular as new dishes, so it’s delicious and easy to eat up the leftovers quickly by processing them into new dishes or soup. Large pieces of meat with bones can be made into soup, and boneless meat can be broken and fried with vegetables to make twice cooked meat.

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