Does the disease of renal superior space cortex affect sexual function

30% – 40% of the female patients with adrenocorticotropic hormone deficiency (Addison’s disease) have decreased or disappeared orgasm, and most of the female patients have complete sexual excitement response. Male patients showed decreased sexual interest and decreased sexual initiative. About 35% of male patients have impotence, and the incidence of secondary impotence is as high as 80%. When the disease is controlled, the function is restored.

renal superior space cortex

The changes of sexual function in female patients with adrenal cortical hyperfunction (Cushing’s syndrome) are various. Most of the patients have normal or mild hypogonadism, 10% – 15% of them have obvious hypergonadism or hypogonadism. Male patients have typical hypogonadism and penile erectile dysfunction, almost 100% of them have different degrees of sexual dysfunction.

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