How men get orgasm?

Few men are slow to ejaculate in their whole lives. Generally speaking, if they masturbate, they will still have the possibility of ejaculation. This means that there is an emotional reason behind this – hindrance . The so-called “therapy” is to find out what kind of emotion this is, and encourage you to learn to overcome obstacles and have sex again.

The symptoms must be distinguished from those of middle age and old age. From middle age to old age, men can have sex, but have no desire to ejaculate. Although this is a common phenomenon for the elderly over 60 years old, it also occurs in some young people. These young people are good at this. Although they have erections, they can’t ejaculate. The same is true for women. They are willing to have sex, but they don’t have to have sex. A man with such a situation should explain it to your wife. If both sides can understand and have fun with it, there is no need to worry about it. There will be no problem.

Indeed, it’s important for couples to be able to discuss each other. It’s the best way to solve problems through thorough conversation.

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