Middle aged men's health menu

For working middle-aged men, middle-aged men who often stay up late and work under pressure, middle-aged men who are addicted to cigarettes or have frequent social activities, British nutrition experts have launched the "middle-aged men's health menu" to let them eat healthy.

Middle aged men's health menu

Working middle-aged men

These people should pay attention to the protection of bone and joint. They must supplement enough water and electrolyte in the process of labor. The protection of joint can supplement glucosamine and calcium. Pingyue diet, you can eat more sea cucumber, jellyfish skin, kelp, pig's hoof and other colloid rich food to protect joints.

Middle aged men who often stay up late and work under pressure

These people are likely to have problems such as irregular meals and overeating due to their busy work. When they are unable to have meals on time, they can prepare whole wheat bread, low-fat milk, whole wheat biscuits and high fiber cereal breakfast for emergency needs. At ordinary times, we should pay more attention to supplement food rich in vitamin B, such as milk, yeast, liver food, which can improve the spirit, reduce fatigue, maintain energy and increase physical fitness.

A middle-aged man who is addicted to cigarettes or often has social intercourse

It should be noted that 25 mg of vitamin C will be consumed for each cigarette, and free radical damage will be caused by pressure. Antioxidant supplement is the most important thing. Antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, raisin, etc. Natural fruits and vegetables are also rich in natural antioxidants, such as kiwifruit, lemon, carrot, tomato and other natural anti-aging food.

Food City tips

The most common causes of trouble for middle-aged men are overweight, high pressure, high blood pressure, high blood fat and so on.

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