Eat more warm food to make women more women

People with Yang deficiency usually have a cold palace, which is easy to show old age. Therefore, in order to protect the “back garden” from the cold, it is necessary to regulate the Yang deficiency and eat less cold food.

If there is Yang in the body, our limbs and viscera will feel warm. If there is insufficient Yang, it will easily lead to the decline of viscera function and the appearance of deficiency cold. The “back garden” will also suffer cold.

Zhang Ming is a girl who is very afraid of the cold. When people enjoy the cool air conditioning wind in the hot sun, she will stay away from the air conditioning and put a coat on her body. For this she attracted a lot of ridicule from her colleagues. But only she knew how cold she was.

In fact, Zhang Ming is obviously a typical man of Yang deficiency, not only that, her hands and feet will be cold all year round. Yang deficiency can cause a lot of discomfort symptoms, the most obvious manifestation in the reproductive system is & mdash; palace cold.

The “Palace” here does not simply refer to the uterus. The uterus in traditional Chinese medicine is different from that in western medicine. The former covers a wider range, including the entire women’s reproductive system and related functions. Women’s palace cold, that is to say, the whole reproductive system and its related functions will be seriously low.

Experts said: “the womb is the most frigid place in a woman’s body. When stimulated by the cold, it is easy to suffer from the cold and evil. &”Many women with cold uterus feel abdominal pain and cold abdomen when they come to menstruation, and even feel cold all over their body. Some of them also feel short of breath and lack of strength, swelling of lower limbs or the whole body, and some have insomnia, dreaminess, headache, dizziness and other symptoms. His face was old, tired and livid. He looked much older than his actual age. There are many reasons for palace cold. In addition to the congenital Yang deficiency, bad lifestyle, such as loving cold drinks, greedy for cool, the air conditioning temperature is too low or for beautiful clothes, thin clothes in winter, etc., may lead to palace cold. In addition, excessive fatigue or emotional changes can also damage the body Yang.

If women don’t want to have a cold palace, they should eat less cold food, and avoid eating too cold food. Even in summer, they can’t eat cold drinks and frozen food at will. There is an old saying in traditional Chinese medicine that “the great treasure of heaven is only one pill of red sun; the great treasure of man is only one breath of real Yang.”. &”Such precious Yang Qi is lacking in our body. How can it stand the cold drink and cold food? Therefore, for the sake of their health and beauty, smart women should eat less cold food and more isothermal food such as beef, mutton, leek, ginger, walnut, jujube, peanut, litchi, durian and cherry. Next we will introduce several recipes for regulating Yang deficiency and warming the uterus.

Eat more warm food


Menstrual women, especially women with dysmenorrhea, should eat warm food. Ginger is the best choice. When you feel the day is coming or the first day is painful, cut the ginger into thin slices (keep the ginger skin), try to have more slices, the hotter the better, add a few spoonfuls of brown sugar. Don’t worry about calories. Women don’t get fat in the meantime. You can also add a little red dates and osmanthus, drink ginger tea with boiling water, drink while it’s hot, drink a sweat, and the pain will be immediately reduced.

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