Eat chili to get acne?

Have you heard such a saying?

Ten people and nine baboons, the probability of suffering from hemorrhoids is mostly. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from hemorrhoids, you will experience the feeling of restlessness, the sourness of defecation, and the presence of hemorrhoids all the time. Because there are many people suffering from hemorrhoids, there are many rumors about hemorrhoids on the Internet. There are real and false ones, and many of them can’t tell the truth.

Today we will take a look at these rumors about acne.

Rumors 1: Eating chili will get hemorrhoids

The southwestern and northwestern regions of China are hot all year round, while the southeastern region is less spicy. However, the incidence of acne in the two regions is not much different. It can be seen that eating acne is not true.

However, it is not recommended to eat too hot peppers after getting acne. Eating spicy can lead to faster bowel movements and expansion of local blood vessels. Some acne patients may cause hemorrhoids after a large intake of pepper, which may aggravate the condition of acne. It is recommended that patients with acne do not eat more pepper.

Rumor 2: Ass has no symptoms, certainly will not suffer from hemorrhoids

Not necessarily. Common symptoms of sputum are bleeding and prolapse. Under normal circumstances, there will be no pain, and acute exacerbation of thrombotic edema will cause pain. There are many reasons for pain in the anus, so you can’t judge whether you have acne with pain.

Rumor 3: Ten people, nine, do not need treatment

Many people think that acne is a minor illness. The early symptoms of hemorrhoids are not obvious, but if the hemorrhoids come out and are not reset in time, infection, necrosis, etc. are easy to occur, so hemorrhoids must go to the hospital for treatment.

Rumor 4: Surgery is useless, hemorrhoids are easy to relapse

Although acne is prone to recurrence, it cannot be treated without it. Acne tends to recur after surgery, mainly because of poor living habits. Careful attention to care after surgery can greatly reduce the chance of recurrence of hemorrhoids, and must not be relapsed because of surgery.

Rumor 5: Sitting on a hot bench is easy to get hemorrhoids

First, acne is not contagious. Secondly, the cause of hemorrhoids is mainly due to poor blood circulation in the anorectal region, soft veins formed by venous plexus congestion, dilatation and flexion. Sitting on a hot bench is prone to hemorrhoids. There is no scientific basis for this statement.

Alcohol, constipation, heavy taste, long-term sedentary people are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids than other people.

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