Nine kinds of autumn and winter skin beautifying herbal tea

There is more or less accumulation of some toxins in the general body, but too intense detoxification will cause a strong reaction of the human body, which is only suitable for patients with severe detoxification disorders. It’s not the way to live. As long as you understand the needs of your body and give it the care you need, your body will naturally present what you want for your efforts. Excessive stimulation will disorganize your body, the small universe. Drinking herbal tea is a simple and easy way to detoxify your body. As long as you select the right herbal tea according to different organs and personal preferences, it can help you gently discharge the toxins in your body.

When we meet with flower and grass tea, we only need five senses to feel its color, fragrance and taste quietly, so that we can enjoy the charm and fragrance from nature, not only taste the cultural flavor behind, but also let the body quietly detoxify.

Different flowers and plants to different organs

1、 Lung: lung is the main organ for people to breathe. People who live in cities for a long time have more or less lung pollution. The air pollution and the harm of second-hand smoke make your throat uncomfortable. Sometimes you can’t breathe smoothly or even cough more.

Tea recipe: Violet, thyme and liquorice root, together with a small amount of orange peel, can stop cough and moisten lung; violet and osmanthus have the same effect.

2、 Intestines: people with bad intestines and stomachs usually have the habit of constipation caused by the poor peristalsis of intestines. The accumulation of feces will cause the accumulation of toxins in the body, which will cause the greatest harm to the rectum, and then pollute the internal environment of people.

Tea recipe: Chamomile, fennel, jasmine, mint and violet have the effect of increasing gastrointestinal peristalsis and improving gastric distention.

3、 Liver: the liver is a very important organ for detoxification and metabolism in the human body. Many drugs are metabolized in the liver. If the metabolism is not good, it is easy to accumulate toxins, which is harmful to the human body. The liver can also promote the secretion of bile and the decomposition of fat, which is very important for the body fat metabolism.

Tea recipe: lemon grass, rosemary, artichoke and Verbena can strengthen liver metabolism and detoxify.

4、 Kidney: the kidney has the function of regulating the Yin and Yang of the internal organs of the human body, which is the basis of the Yin and Yang of the human body. Kidney Yang plays a role in warming spleen yang and regulating defecation. Kidney plays an important role in regulating body fluid metabolism. In people with non physiological edema, the kidneys are usually unable to metabolize water smoothly.

Tea recipe: Rosemary, dandelion, juniper and Photinia have diuretic effect and can strengthen the operation of kidney.

Effective combination of flowers, plants and tea

Flower and grass tea is suitable for appetizing, beautifying and so on.

Decompression herbal tea recipe: jasmine, rose, violet, marigold, lavender, Bodhi, etc. can be washed together for drinking, which can make fatigue disappear.

Tea recipe for nourishing flowers and plants: any flower and plant tea mixed into a cold drink, or added with fruit grains, or added with ice sugar, can not only strengthen the taste of flower and plant tea, but also supplement vitamins needed by the skin, play a role in nourishing the skin.

Slimming herbal tea recipe: Hibiscus flower with slight acid can promote blood circulation, Oregon can regulate metabolism, rose fruit can supplement vitamin C, three kinds of herbal tea with drinking can also make slimming easier.

Tranquilizing flower and grass tea recipe: the combination of Bodhi and chamomile is suitable for sipping in the night, letting the whole body float gently in the tea fragrance.

Pay attention to the drinking time of herbal tea

The effect of herbal tea will be different with different drinking time. Drinking herbal tea before meals can strengthen digestion, and drinking herbal tea after meals can treat gastrointestinal obstruction and gastric sensitivity. And herbal tea itself does not contain caffeine, when boiled water like drinking herbal tea is OK. However, flowers and plants such as mint and jasmine should not be drunk at night to avoid affecting sleep.

The flowers and plants tea brewed with the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or skins of plants has different colors and fragrant smell, just like immersing in the flowers and plants. Take a deep breath of the fragrance of flowers, drink a sip of clear tea, it is self-evident that the heart is clear and dripping.

There are many kinds of herbal tea, each of which has different effects. In terms of detoxification, we recommend:

Lemon Grass: it can help digestion, diuresis, moisten skin and prevent anemia. For oily skin, it can add water to clean skin and promote blood circulation.

Verbena: it can strengthen the metabolism function of liver, relax nerves, help digestion and improve abdominal Qi. It can purify the intestines and stomach, reduce the excess fat.

Juniper: it can strengthen stomach and diuresis, prevent cystitis and urethritis, and relieve joint pain.

Luoshenhua: it can eliminate fatigue and constipation, and has the effect of diuresis and metabolism.

Bodhi: it has the effect of diuresis, headache and anxiety, digestion and swelling elimination. It can eliminate toxins in the body and has the effect of slimming.

Rose: the most beautiful beauty tea, can be combined with a variety of flower tea and fruit tea to increase the taste and efficacy.

Violet: it can relieve drunkenness, benefit the liver, eliminate eye fatigue, maintain the upper respiratory tract, and have the effect of treating cold and cold.

Calendula: relieve menstrual pain, stimulate bile secretion, decompose fat.

Hibiscus: the brightly colored tropical flower, rich in vitamin C, will present a brilliant color like a gem after being washed in hot water. Mild, slightly acid, diuretic, edema treatment function.

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