Easy detoxification: three meals a day should be healthy

The so-called healthy Detox meal, a principle is to ingest what your body should ingest, and should not ingest nothing. Detox meal contains vegetables, kelp, fruits, milk and other foods with more alkaline ingredients, which can change your eating habits from acidic to alkaline, and recover your health naturally.

Healthy detoxification breakfast

A kind of fruit: Based on the principle of freshness, it is better to be a local fruit that is rich in the season.

Two kinds of vegetables: the root, stem, leaf and fruit of the best edible vegetables, not the sprouts and leafy vegetables. You can choose the roots of carrots, carrots, yams and other vegetables; the leaves of celery and celery; the flowers of broccoli and kohlrabi; the fruits of balsam pear, tomato and cucumber. Eat some more sweet potatoes, red sweet potatoes are better.

One share of brown rice: if you think it’s too monotonous to eat only brown rice, you can add a small amount of red beans, red dates, etc. to the brown rice.

It should be noted that it is better to eat raw fruits and vegetables with the skin attached, and the principle is to eat them completely. Minimize the intake of the following foods:

(1) Fish, meat, eggs, etc;

(2) All kinds of milk and milk products, such as cheese, cream, etc;

(3) All kinds of oil, especially animal oil.

Lunch and dinner of healthy Detox meal

Five basic principles:

(1) Vegetables: 1 / 4-1 / 3.

(2) Legumes and seaweeds: about 1 / 10.

(3) Grains: about 1 / 2.

(4) Soup: about 5%, you can use laver, tomato, kelp and other soup.

(5) Fruit is best eaten between meals.

Double Day Detox package


Get up: a glass of water, a glass of fresh juice, or a glass of honey water.

Breakfast: a large plate of boiled vegetables and a large plate of fresh fruits.

Morning snack: a small plate of fruit (various fruits) and two walnuts or almonds.

Lunch: large plate of boiled vegetables or vegetable salad.

Afternoon snacks: small plate of dried fruit, nuts, small plate of fruit.

Dinner: vegetable salad, or large plate of boiled vegetables, a small plate of fruit.

Before bed: a small cup of cheese or skimmed milk.


Get up: drink a cup of fresh vegetable juice or cold boiled water.

Breakfast: small bowl of rice porridge.

Morning snack: a small plate of melon seeds and fruit.

Lunch: small bowl of rice, a large plate of boiled vegetables.

Afternoon snacks: some dried fruits, nuts, a glass of juice.

Dinner: small bowl of rice, large plate of boiled vegetables, fruit.

Bedtime: small cup of skimmed milk or cheese.

It must be noted that:

When you feel hungry at any time, you can drink a lot of water and eat fruits. Fruits are not only easy to digest, but also can keep the intestines clean, and the rich vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes can provide enough nutrition for the body.

If you are used to eating fish and meat at ordinary times, you can use the rest day every week to only eat fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and clean and detoxify your body.

Do not smoke or drink alcohol during detoxification, otherwise you will not only lose all your previous achievements, but also increase the toxicity.

Patients and pregnant women, as well as all those who are physically unfit, should consult doctors before detoxification, and should not try at will.

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