Some fruits can also help you to wash intestines and detoxify. Different fruits can discharge different poisons

Strawberry: not high in calories, but also contains vitamin C. In natural therapy, strawberries can be used to clean the gastrointestinal tract. However, people who are allergic to aspirin and have poor gastrointestinal function should not take it.

Cherry: Cherry pulp can remove toxins and unclean body fluids, so it has a very good auxiliary effect on kidney detoxification, as well as a mild defecation effect. When choosing, the best choice is cherry with full and strong fruit and green stem.

Grape: it has the effect of detoxification. It can help the composition of intestinal mucus, and help the liver, intestine, stomach and kidney to clear the garbage in the body. The only small disadvantage is that the heat is a little high. 40 grapes are equal to the heat of two apples.

Apple: in addition to its rich dietary fiber, its galacturonic acid is also very helpful for detoxification, while pectin can avoid food spoilage in the intestine. When choosing apples, don’t forget to change the varieties of apples with different colors, so the effect is better.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice is the “detergent” in the body;. Food rich in cellulose or chlorophyll has detoxification function. Green leaf and root vegetables are best to be juiced and drunk without frying. Regular drinking of fresh fruit and vegetable juice can dissolve the toxin accumulated in the cells, neutralize the acid toxin in the body and purify the internal organs.


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