Natural detoxification in the body

Fasting is the most natural detoxification method in animal kingdom, which is to remove waste and purify the body by cutting off external heat supply and burning excess substances such as fat, esters and old waste.

When the food is cut off for half a day or a day, the body will first burn the liver sugar; then it will burn the excess fat in the body and the cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall to dissolve and release the fat soluble toxin; finally, it will burn the waste protein such as the diseased tissue, tumor, abscess and scar tissue. Therefore, fasting has many functions, such as eliminating toxins, activating organ functions, helping to reduce blood pressure, slowing down aging, improving acid constitution, reducing fat and improving immunity. It is the best choice for “internal environmental protection”.

When people choose the method of cutting off food, they usually adopt the safer methods such as cutting off vegetable juice, rice soup, enzyme and syrup. In the case of vegetable juice, you can drink 500 ml carrot juice and apple juice for three meals, and then add red dates, Chinese wolfberry made tonic soup and brown sugar ginger soup between meals to supplement your physical strength. In this way, the rich vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes in the vegetable juice can be directly absorbed by the body without the digestion process, accelerating the cell repair. Not only will not affect the process of autolysis and release, the detoxification effect is rapid, but also can balance the acid-base value in the body and improve the acid constitution. What’s more, during the fasting period, you can maintain a strong spirit and work as usual without affecting your normal life.

As the detoxification and detoxification function is greatly enhanced when the food is stopped, many detoxification reactions will occur, such as nausea, vomiting, headache, increased halitosis, thicker tongue coating, increased secretion, fever, cough, itchy skin, sleepiness, diarrhea, etc., which are normal detoxification reactions. As long as the body endotoxin is removed, after the body purification, these detoxification reactions will disappear naturally and feel it The whole body is relaxed, physical strength and vitality are greatly enhanced.

When people try to cut off food, they should follow the steps of reducing and resuming food, that is to say, before cutting off food, they should gradually reduce the weight of food and have a light diet. Stop eating and then slowly resume eating, from a small amount to the normal amount. Do not quickly enter the state of fasting, or eat and drink immediately after fasting, so as not to damage the stomach and intestines. For those who have no experience of fasting, it’s better to consult those who have experience of fasting, and it’s safer to implement it after understanding.

However, the following people are not suitable for detoxification: those who are too light weight (less than 25% of the standard weight), patients with advanced cancer, patients with kidney washing, people with poor diabetes control, people with serious infection and tuberculosis are not suitable for detoxification.

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