Five functions of Houttuynia cordata Thunb

Houttuynia cordata is a common and important food. It is strip food and favorite dish in Southwest China. It has a lot of effects and functions on health, which can make people strong, remove dampness and resist disease. People who eat it for the first time will be dissuaded by its pungent taste. Only by doing it right can they know its delicious taste.

Efficacy and function of Houttuynia cordata

1. clearing lung and removing heat

Houttuynia cordata is a cool food, which can remove heat poison. It has a good nourishing effect on the lungs, can protect the normal function of the respiratory tract, and is suitable for patients with chronic pharyngitis.

functions of Houttuynia cordata Thunb

2. Sterilization

Houttuynia cordata has a good bactericidal effect. It can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria in the body and prevent pneumonia and enteritis. Many people like to mix meat with Houttuynia cordata, which also has a certain bactericidal effect.

3. radiation protection

Houttuynia cordata has the effect of anti radiation. People who often contact with electronic radiation should eat more, which can reduce the radiation damage to the body and eliminate the radiation in the body.

functions of Houttuynia cordata Thunb

4. diuresis

Houttuynia cordata can increase the excretion of urine and promote the circulation of body fluids to excrete toxins. People with dysdefecation and hemorrhoids can also take it as an adjuvant treatment.

5. Invigorating stomach and eliminating food

Houttuynia cordata has the function of promoting gastrointestinal digestion. The trace elements contained in Houttuynia cordata can regulate gastrointestinal function. Its special smell also has the effect of appetizing.

How to make Houttuynia cordata

6. houttuynia herb salad

It's the easiest way to mix Houttuynia cordata with spicy flavor. It's refreshing. Soak Houttuynia cordata in brine, take out the drained water, and use soy sauce and vinegar. Hot sauce, scallion and sesame oil are used to mix the sauce and Houttuynia.

functions of Houttuynia cordata Thunb


Stewed chicken with Houttuynia cordata

Houttuynia adds to the delicious taste of chicken soup. Blanch the chicken to remove the blood, and then replace it with cold water to put the chicken and Houttuynia into it. Simmer for two hours, finally seasoning.

Stir fried pork liver with Houttuynia cordata

Houttuynia cordata has a strong taste, which can cover up the taste of pig liver. After the pig liver is salted, stir fry together with Houttuynia cordata, and seasoning quickly.

Houttuynia needs to be washed before eating, which is not suitable for people with cold constitution. Houttuynia cordata can also be used to make tea in addition to its vegetable color. It also has certain effect and has a lighter taste.

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