The four functions of Ophiopogon japonicus and the precautions for drinking Ophiopogon japonicus water

Ophiopogon japonicus is a traditional nourishing Chinese medicine, which is often used as a health supplement. Because of its good health preserving effect, it is also called immortal grass. The flower of Ophiopogon japonicus is purple. Its root is used as medicine. It has the effect of clearing the heart and nourishing the lungs. It can nourish the stomach yin and nourish the lungs. It’s good for women’s health. What are the specific effects of it? What are the precautions for drinking it with Mai Dong Paoshui?

Effect and function of Ophiopogon japonicus

functions of Ophiopogon japonicus

1. Protect the heart

Ophiopogon japonicus has the effect of strengthening heart vitality, expanding blood vessels, increasing blood flow, avoiding arrhythmia symptoms, relieving myocardial infarction and palpitation.

2. Inhibition of bacteria

Ophiopogon japonicus can protect the body from bacteria and improve the body’s immunity. It can not only protect the sebum system, but also protect the healthy growth of cells and reduce the risk of disease.

3. Nourish the lungs

Ophiopogon can nourish the lungs and increase the circulation of body fluids. It can inhibit the body’s heat toxicity, dry mouth and dry tongue, and has a good effect on respiratory diseases.

functions of Ophiopogon japonicus

4. lowering blood sugar

Ophiopogon japonicus can change the blood sugar in the body and reduce the blood sugar by regulating the synthesis of glycogen in the liver. It can also regulate the function of female insulin, improve cholesterol, blood pressure and other diseases.

Notes on drinking Maidong water

1. food matching

Maidong can’t eat with agaric and crucian carp, which will lead to physical discomfort. Mai Dong’s body can be improved by simply soaking in water.

functions of Ophiopogon japonicus

2. Taboos

Ophiopogon japonicus has the function of promoting blood circulation. It is not suitable for women during menstruation and pregnancy, and it is easy to cause more than abdominal pain.

3. overeating

The dosage of Ophiopogon japonicus should be controlled within 20 grams each time. Taking it for a long time is easy to cause cold and weakness. Treatment of the disease requires compatibility with other important components.

It has many functions and is suitable for most women. It can not only make tea, but also drink boiled water directly. It can also be used to cook porridge. It also has the effect of nourishing lung. The taste of Ophiopogon japonicus is fresh. It is seasoned with a little ice sugar. It has the best effect of cooling and moistening in summer.

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