Five nutrients that can save hair

There is an English proverb that goes like this: “your diet determines your physical condition.”. &The same applies to hair care. We know that dry, light-free, fragile and easy to break hair, as well as hair loss and premature gray hair are closely related to the lack of certain nutrients, such as amino acids, minerals, vitamins, collagen, etc. If all kinds of nutrients extracted and processed by a special process are applied directly to the scalp and hair, and then combined with the scalp massage or the introduction of the instrument, the effect is equivalent to giving the hair direct “eat” nutrients. Next, I’ll talk about the five essential nutrients that can save hair from going deep and hot. Let’s have a look!

1、 Amino acid hair follicle nourishing milk:

You know what? In healthy hair, amino acids account for 90% of the total dry weight of hair. The normal amount and order of amino acids determine the health of hair;. The chemical damage caused by bleaching, dyeing and scalding, as well as the friction and damage caused by combing, swimming and basking in the sun, will cause the loss of amino acids and the damage of hair. At this time, the hair follicle nourishing milk rich in amino acids can supplement about 60% of the amino acids lost in the hair and restore the healthy hair before damage.

2、 Mineral hair follicle nourishing milk:

It has been proved by research that zinc deficiency will cause protein synthesis damage, the growth rate of hair will slow down, and it is easy to produce too much dandruff, which can form white hair or poor hair growth. The lack of calcium can cause gray hair in some people. People who are short of copper tend to have yellow hair. People who are short of iron can damage their hair, and their hair is sparse, which can lead to alopecia areata and large area of hair loss. Therefore, choosing mineral rich hair follicle nourishing liquid is also an indispensable nutritional resource to maintain the strong and beautiful hair.

3、 Vitamin hair follicle nourishing liquid:

Vitamin A is conducive to inhibiting excessive dandruff and improving hair dryness; B1, B2, B6 and B12 in vitamin B can consolidate hair and maintain color, which is the key factor to promote healthy growth of hair; vitamin C can activate the microvascular wall on the scalp, so that the hair roots can smoothly absorb nutrients in the blood; vitamin D is conducive to normal growth of hair, so that the hair is not too thin and soft. When your hair is dry, yellow and dull, it’s a wise choice to choose vitamin rich hair follicle nourishing milk.

4、 Collagen hair follicle nourishing milk:

Hair without collagen is fragile and inelastic, and it is easy to age. Therefore, many people who suffer from hair loss, white hair and other hair problems are also due to the lack of collagen at the root of the hair, which makes the hair not strong and firm. Therefore, people with hair problems such as white hair, broken hair and hair loss should choose collagen hair follicle nourishing milk to directly give hair & ldquo; eat & rdquo; nutrients. To ensure the strong and healthy hair.

5、 Ginkgo licorice hair follicle nourishing milk:

The scalp is the most important part of heat and toxin removing for human body. 100000 hairs are the functional organs of the scalp. When the function of heat and toxin removing of the scalp is reduced, there will be various problems in the hair. The nourishing milk rich in Ginkgo biloba extract can detoxify heat, dredge meridians, promote blood gas and nourish kidney qi, so that it can regulate the metabolism of scalp and hair follicles, and create a good living environment for hair. It is an indispensable natural substance for hair raising, hair care, prevention of white hair and alopecia.

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