Ten common sense of life to prevent hair loss

Autumn season, many friends have such troubles, hair loss, hair loss for many reasons, such as improper diet and sleep, long hours of mental labor, endocrine disorders, etc., the following are some common sense of life to prevent hair loss, there is always a suitable for you!

1. Without nylon comb and tip brush, because nylon comb and head brush are easy to generate static electricity, which will bring bad stimulation to hair and hair. The best choice is boxwood comb and bristle brush, which can not only remove dandruff, increase hair luster, but also massage scalp and promote blood circulation.

2. Quit smoking, smoking will make scalp capillaries shrink, thus affecting the development and growth of hair. There are many people who are engaged in computer work lose their hair, because they use the brain for a long time, pay close attention to it, have disorder of endocrine function related to hair growth, and the sebaceous glands secrete vigorously.

3. Moderation of drinking, liquor, especially hot liquor will produce heat and moisture on the scalp and cause hair loss. Even beer and wine should be appropriate. The liver ” should be allowed to rest for at least two days a week (that is, stop drinking).

4. Eat more vegetables to prevent constipation. We should stick to eating more grains and fruits all the year round. If the intake of vegetables is reduced, it is easy to cause constipation and ” dirties the blood, ” affects the quality of hair, and getting hemorrhoids will accelerate the hair loss at the top.

5. Wash your hair frequently. The best interval is 2-5 days. When you wash your hair, you need to rub and massage at the same time. It can not only keep the scalp clean, but also make the scalp blood flowing.

6. Pay attention to the ventilation of hat and helmet. The hair is not resistant to sultry heat. People wearing hats and helmets will make the hair airtight for a long time, which is easy to damage the hair. Especially, the pore muscles compressed by hats or helmets at the hairline are easy to relax, causing hair loss. Therefore, ventilation of hats and helmets should be done well, such as putting on hollow hat liner or adding holes.

7. This kind of shampoo has strong degreasing and dehydration, which is easy to make the hair dry and necrotic. We should first use a non irritating acid free natural shampoo. Or choose according to your hair quality.

8. To eliminate the sense of mental depression, unstable mental state, anxiety and uneasiness every day will lead to hair loss. The deeper the degree of depression, the faster the speed of hair loss. For women, life is busy and the proper amount of exercise is maintained, and the hair will be glossy, dark and full of vitality. On the contrary, for men, the more tense life, the busier work, the higher the chance of hair loss. Therefore, frequent deep breathing is necessary Inhaling, walking, and doing relaxation exercises can eliminate the mental fatigue of the day. To ensure adequate sleep, no matter how tense the work, it is necessary to have enough sleep every day, and try to ensure the quality of sleep, so that the blood circulation of the cerebral cortex can be timely regulated.

9. It is necessary to be careful to blow in the perm and damage the scalp, so high blow should be avoided. Perm, the number of times should not be too much, the effect of perm solution on the hair is also large, the number of times will make hair silk big injury vitality.

10. Develop the good habit of massaging the head, massage the temple and Baihui Point in the middle of the head every morning, in the middle of the morning and in the evening, and use the middle finger of both hands to massage the front and back along the frontal horn and the midline of the head, with unlimited times.

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