Healthy diet for middle-aged men

The middle-aged man is full of energy and rich experience, which is the best time to do business and the turning point of physiological functions of various organs of the body. At this stage, the health of middle-aged men will be seriously challenged due to factors such as work fatigue, mental tension, heavy burden of housework, lack of exercise, unbalanced nutrition, and physical decline. Therefore, the main task of diet health care is to achieve the goal of disease prevention through diet care.

Middle aged men should follow the principle of balanced diet and pay attention to the diversity of diet in three meals a day. The supply of inorganic salt, vitamins and microelements should be sufficient. We should pay attention to the selection of coarse grains, potatoes, milk, eggs, lean meat, seafood and other foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the natural health food that can not be avoided every day. In addition, optimistic mood, happy mood, warm and comfortable environment and moderate exercise are conducive to the healthy diet of middle-aged men.

Healthy diet for middle-aged men

Dietary needs of middle-aged men

Choose foods rich in fiber

Plant fiber can accelerate the peristalsis of intestines, reduce cholesterol and some bile salts, reduce glucose and fatty acid in blood, have the effect of reducing blood pressure, reduce the probability of coronary arteriosclerosis, heart disease and diabetes, in addition, it can eliminate some carcinogens and avoid colorectal cancer. The main foods rich in plant fiber include wheat bran, whole wheat bread, cabbage, potato, carrot, apple, lettuce, cauliflower, celery, etc. It is recommended that men eat 18-20 grams of plant fiber at each meal.

Consumption of appropriate amount of chromium

At least 50 micrograms of chromium are needed every day by all men in the Institute, while those with more activities need 100-200 micrograms of chromium every day to promote cholesterol metabolism, enhance the endurance of the body, promote muscle production and avoid excess fat. It is difficult to get so much chromium from food, so it is recommended that men take medicaments containing chromium (such as vitamins and minerals); another source of chromium is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, so middle-aged men can also drink a little beer.

Supplement food with magnesium

The normal intake of magnesium is helpful to regulate people’s activities, reduce blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and improve sperm vitality in semen, so as to improve men’s fertility. Foods with more magnesium include soybeans, baked potatoes, walnuts, oatmeal, macaroni, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, green leafy vegetables and seafood. It is suggested that men should have 2 bowls of oatmeal with milk and 1 banana for breakfast.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is helpful to improve people’s immunity and can prevent skin cancer, bladder cancer and kidney stone. Men need two milligrams of vitamin B6 a day, which is equivalent to two large bananas. The consumption of vitamin B6 should be increased for men who exercise a lot. Foods with more vitamin B6 include chicken, liver, potato, sunflower seed, avocado, banana, etc.

Eat foods with vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to improve people’s immunity, prevent cancer and protect people’s eyesight. An adult man needs to eat 1000 micrograms of vitamin A every day, but excessive consumption is harmful to his health. Foods with more vitamin A include liver, dairy products, fish, tomatoes, carrots, apricots, cantaloupe, etc.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C

The main function of vitamin C is to improve people’s immunity, prevent diseases and treat male infertility. In addition, persistently taking vitamin C can delay the aging. The foods with the highest vitamin C content are cauliflower, green pepper, orange, grape juice and tomato. The best dosage of vitamin C per person per day should be 200-300 mg, and the minimum should be no less than 60 mg. People who smoke should eat more vitamin C.

Eat more foods containing vitamin E

The main function of vitamin E is to reduce cholesterol, remove rubbish in the body and prevent cataracts. Walnuts, almonds and peanuts are rich in vitamin E, but it is difficult for people to get enough vitamin E from these foods. Therefore, it is recommended that middle-aged men take 100 mg vitamin E every day.

Eating foods with zinc

The human body contains enough zinc to maintain strong sexual desire, maintain normal sexual function and reproductive capacity, and can treat impotence, in addition, it also helps to improve the human body’s disease resistance. 120 grams of lean meat contains 735 micrograms of zinc. In addition, the zinc content of turkey meat, seafood and soybean is also high. It is recommended that men take 10-15 mg of zinc every day. Remember, the amount of zinc should not exceed 15 mg per day, because excessive use of zinc will affect the effect of other minerals in the body.

Drinking water must be appropriate

Water is very important in all nutrients. No cell of human body can lack water. Men of medium height must drink 8 glasses of water every day, while men with large amount of exercise need more water.

Middle aged men’s sex enhancing food

The aging of human body can be postponed, as can the decline of sexual function. In addition to genetic, environmental, individual, sports and other factors, regular eating of certain foods also helps to enhance sexual function.

Malt oil

Malt oil can prevent the decline because it is rich in natural vitamin E. Serious lack of vitamin E will lead to penile degeneration and atrophy, decrease of sexual hormone secretion and loss of fertility. Since malt oil can prevent and change this situation, we should often eat these foods rich in malt oil in our daily life, such as whole wheat, corn, millet, etc.

Honey, royal jelly

Honey contains a large number of male reproductive cells & mdash; pollen. It contains a kind of gonadal endocrine hormone, which is similar to human pituitary gland and has obvious biological activity of active gonad. In addition, the sugar in honey is easily absorbed by the blood, which is very beneficial to the formation of semen. Aspartic acid in royal jelly is the main substance of “helpfulness”. It contains the effective components of promoting development, improving sexual function, stimulating reproductive ability, enhancing body resistance and promoting metabolism. For those who have decreased sexual function due to infirmity and old age, they can insist on taking honey products.

Hard fruit

All kinds of kernels (such as South melon seeds, sesame seeds, walnut kernels, etc.) are the source of plant life. Arousing sexual desire and arousing sexual impulse is one of the effects of seed benevolence. The seeds most beneficial to sex are: whole wheat, corn, sesame, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, walnut kernel, peanut, almond, etc.


As we all know, thyroid gland is responsible for sexual impulse and stimulation. Low thyroid activity will reduce sexual vitality and desire. The rich mineral elements such as iodine, potassium and sodium in seaweed are just the important substances to guarantee the activity of thyroid gland. Therefore, we should often eat some seaweed food, such as kelp, laver, Undaria, etc., to maintain men’s sexual health.


It is also called qiyangcao, lazy vegetable, Changsheng leek, flat vegetable, etc. Leek is also a traditional Chinese medicine, which has been widely used since ancient times. It is written in the collection of materia medica: “leek is warm and vigorous, tonifying the deficiency, harmonizing the internal organs, making people edible and benefiting the Yang.”. &According to compendium of Materia Medica, leek can nourish the liver and vital door, and cure the frequency of urination and enuresis. Leek has the name of “Yangcao” in Pharmacopoeia because it can warm the liver and kidney, help Yang and strengthen essence. Leek seed is an irritant, which has the functions of strengthening essence, helping Yang, tonifying kidney, treating belt, warming waist and knees, etc. it is suitable for impotence, enuresis, polyuria and other diseases.


According to Chinese medicine, sparrow meat can nourish Yin essence, which is a good product for invigorating yang and benefiting essence. It is suitable for the treatment of impotence, low back pain, frequency of urination and insufficiency of Qi to nourish five internal organs caused by kidney yang deficiency. It’s not suitable for those who suffer from various fever and inflammation in spring and summer.

Dog meat

Dog meat is sweet, salty and warm. It can benefit the spleen and stomach and nourish the Yang. Dog meat is warm. It can be burned if you eat more. It is not suitable for those with hot selection and hot yang.


Shrimp tastes delicious and has high tonic and medicinal functions. According to Chinese medicine, it tastes sweet, salty and warm. It has the functions of invigorating the Yang, benefiting the kidney, nourishing the essence and promoting milk circulation. Those who have been sick for a long time, who are short of energy, who do not think about diet, can use it as nourishing food. People often eat shrimp, which has the effect of strengthening body.

Flesh of a donkey

As the saying goes: “dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat on the earth.”. &Donkey meat is a kind of meat with high protein, low fat and low cholesterol. According to traditional Chinese medicine, donkey meat is sweet and cool in nature, and has the functions of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing yin and Yang, calming nerves and removing troubles. Donkey kidney is sweet and warm. It is good for strengthening kidney and bones. Can treat impotence does not lift, waist knee ache wait for a disease.


Also known as oyster clam, oyster. It is rich in zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, sugar and other vitamins. It is salty in taste and slightly cold in nature. It has the effects of nourishing yin and Yang, nourishing kidney and astringent essence. Oyster can improve sexual function and sperm quality.

It has a good effect on men’s spermatorrhea, asthenia, asthenia and impotence.

Food therapy for middle-aged men

Sheep marrow porridge

A sheep spine, smash, add water to boil soup, remove bone, add 100 grams of millet or japonica rice to cook porridge, taste and then eat.

Goat kidney porridge

A pair of sheep kidney, to remove the lipid membrane, cut thin, add 100 grams of Japonica rice porridge, seasoning before eating. Among them, you can also add 10 grams of light Douchi or 15 grams of wolfberry.

Goat’s congee

A pair of sheep testicles, clean and finely cut, add 100 grams of Japonica Rice to cook porridge, and eat it on an empty stomach.

Egg gruel

Add 50 grams of Japonica Rice and 50 grams of millet to make porridge. When the porridge is cooked, put in the eggs, mix well and eat on an empty stomach

Chicken liver porridge

One chicken liver, add 100g millet to cook porridge, add scallion, salt and pepper to mix well when cooked, then cook, and eat on an empty stomach. You can also add 15 grams of Cuscuta powder.

Shrimp and leek congee

50g fresh shrimps, 50g glutinous rice porridge, 50g leek after cooked, seasoned and edible.

Gorgon fruit porridge

Gorgon fruit 30g, ginkgo 10, glutinous rice 30g, cooking porridge.


Middle aged men in menopause should also often eat coarse grains, potatoes, beans, fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure the adequate supply of various inorganic salts, vitamins, food fiber. Even if menopausal men without significant menopausal symptoms often eat the above food in their diet, it is also beneficial to disease prevention and health care.

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