What are the nutritional balance and eating habits of old men

1. Eat 350 grams of fruit every day

Fruit is often overlooked by old men. Some soft fruits, such as bananas, melons, peaches, papayas, mangoes, kiwifruit, are very suitable for the elderly men to eat. You can slice the fruit or scrape it into puree with a spoon. If you want to make juice, you must pay attention to the control of the quantity. When you make juice, you can add some water to dilute.

eating habits of old men

2. Pay special attention to supplement B vitamins

In recent years, studies have gradually shown that B vitamins are closely related to cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, cataracts, brain functional degradation (cognition, memory) and mental health of elderly men. No matter the old man is ill, taking medicine or after operation, there will be a large loss of B vitamins, so for the sick old man, special attention should be paid to supplement B vitamins.

3. Limit oil intake

The elderly men should take vegetable oil as the main fat, avoid fat meat, animal fat (lard, tallow), and also use less fried way to cook food. In addition, the oil content of desserts and cakes is also very high. The elderly should try to eat less of this kind of high-fat snacks. It’s better to eat multiple unsaturated fats (such as corn oil, sunflower oil) and unit unsaturated fats (such as olive oil and peanut oil) alternately, so that they can absorb all kinds of fatty acids equally.

eating habits of old men

However, it is not suitable for old men to reduce the intake of oil. Many old men who have been vegetarian for many years have teeth falling off and osteoporosis, which is the result of their body being in a low cholesterol state for a long time and unable to carry out normal new metabolism. Therefore, it is good for the body of old men to eat a little fat after stewing for a long time. It can also be refined into lard oil. It is best to stir fry a little with vegetable oil every time. Because lard oil contains a nutrient that can prolong life, which can prevent coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. If you can often buy some pig bones back, it is also suitable to drink boiled soup after smashing. Bone soup can alleviate the osteoporosis of old men, prevent the contracture pain of muscles and bones and knee pain, and prevent the aging of human body.

4. Replenish more water during the day

Many old people don’t drink water all day long for fear of incontinence or frequent toilet running at night. In fact, the elderly should be encouraged to drink more boiled water in the daytime, or make some herbal tea (try not to put sugar) to change taste, but drink less sugary drinks.

eating habits of old men

After dinner, you can try to reduce the intake of water, so that you can avoid going to the toilet at night and affecting sleep.

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