How should the elderly carry out sexual activities according to their own characteristics

The general characteristics of the elderly are: poor physical strength, different degrees of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and so on. Therefore, when having sex, it is not suitable to be over excited, over exerted, over tired, and for a long time, and proper self-control is needed. According to the statistics of Japanese medical experts, 79% of the people who died of heart disease during sexual intercourse are extramarital love, which is closely related to mental hyperactivity. The following measures are recommended for adjustment.

  • (1) Instead of “sexual intercourse” with “touching” each other, for the elderly with poor physical strength, you can also enjoy the sexual enjoyment with satisfaction, without having regular sexual intercourse (i.e. the penis is inserted into the vagina). In order to meet the psychological needs, the penis can be inserted in the vagina, but no body activity, or slight pulling and inserting activities, mainly using fingers to massage the clitoris, which can make the woman very labor-saving to obtain orgasm, the man is driven by the woman’s orgasm, it is very easy to enter orgasm, which is a very desirable way for the elderly to have sex, which can reduce physical consumption It can also obtain sexual pleasure, orgasm and sexual satisfaction. For the elderly with poor physical strength, it’s better not to pursue “orgasm”, because when “orgasm”, the whole body is in a state of high excitement, with high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and respiration. Both voluntary and involuntary muscles are in a state of tension and contraction. This is a kind of physiological reflex action, just like “sneezing”, which is uncontrollable and must be consumed More physical strength. Therefore, it is suggested that the elderly should not pursue “orgasm” when having sex.
  • (2) Choose a labor-saving position to have sex. Most people’s – love making – way is lying on their back. Men or women are in the upper position, and the upper position is dominant. They use more force, and their heart rate and blood pressure change greatly. Therefore, it is recommended that those with good health and physical strength are in the upper position and those with poor physical strength are in the lower position. Secondly, it is also a desirable position for the elderly to have sex in the side or sitting position, which can reduce physical consumption. There are two types of side lying position, one is the face-to-face – prone – position, turning 45 to the left or right.

(in fact, it’s a half lying position). The man is in the front (upper position), the woman is in the back (lower position). The leg under the woman is bent to the waist of the man. Another way is to lie on the side with legs crossed. The man takes the side lying position. The woman’s pelvis is placed between the two legs of the man, lying on the side in the man’s arms. The two arms hold the man’s head and neck, and the penis is inserted into the vagina. The leg on the top of the woman flexes and has a great destructive effect. Drinking 1000 grams of strong liquor or beer or wine with the alcohol content of 1000 grams of strong liquor every day can cause complete loss of sexual function for 5 to 8 years. 80% of male alcoholics have impotence, infertility and loss of sexual desire.

Drinking alcohol can make gonads – testicles toxic, and cause testicular cell damage and testicular atrophy after drinking alcohol. The main function of testis is to produce testosterone, a male hormone that regulates sexual desire and sexual ability. Long term alcoholism, make sex hormone reduce apparently, cause impotence and sexual desire to lose.

Testis is the organ that produces sperm. After being destroyed and atrophied, the production of sperm is reduced, even there is no sperm, so it loses fertility. This is not important for men after 40, because there is no need to have children.

There are three mechanisms for alcohol to reduce testosterone: first, the amount of testosterone produced by testis is reduced; second, the consumption of testosterone is increased due to the increase of metabolism rate of the body after drinking alcohol; finally, the binding rate of testosterone and protein is increased after drinking alcohol, so as to reduce the utilization rate of testosterone.

There are two bad consequences of chronic alcoholism: first, biochemical changes occur in the body, so as to reduce the level of sexual hormones, such as stopping drinking, sexual function can be restored after a period of time; second, once testis and liver are permanently damaged by alcohol, sexual function cannot be restored, because testicular cells have been damaged completely, instead of scar tissue. At this point, even if it is too late to stop drinking, I regret it. Therefore, it is advised that a large number of alcoholics should be discouraged as early as possible, even if they can not fully restore sexual function, at least they will not continue to deteriorate.

The elderly after 40 years old are particularly sensitive to alcohol damage and are very vulnerable to it. Because the erectile function of male penis in this age group is very fragile, the amount of alcohol that does not cause harm to young people is enough to cause great harm to old people. Because the level of sex hormone in the elderly is very low, and the blood supply to the penis is already insufficient due to the hardening of blood vessels. If the penis suffers from alcoholism again, it will be worse and the damage will be doubled.

Although the harm of smoking and sexual function is not as good as that of alcohol, but it can affect the erectile ability of penis. According to the research of Sui medical experts, it is concluded that smoking is one of the important factors causing impotence, and 80% of impotence patients have a history of smoking. Experts believe that smoking can increase the risk of cardiovascular and hypertension diseases, which are often important factors in causing impotence.

Smoking more than two cigarettes with high nicotine content before sexual intercourse can cause delayed sexual excitement response, even for young people. The reason is that nicotine can cause vasoconstriction, the contraction of the small blood vessels of the penis, and the decrease of the blood supply of the penis, resulting in the delay or inability of erection.

In addition, statistics shows that: the incidence of impotence in smokers is significantly higher than that in the general population; the incidence of impotence in a large number of smokers is higher than that in the general population. The penile blood supply of long-term smokers decreased significantly. Many smokers of sexual dysfunction, stop smoking for 6 weeks, without any treatment, can restore sexual function, impotence improved. But the effect of stopping smoking is not so effective for every smoker. According to statistics, only one third of patients are effective.

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