Which drugs affect sexual function?

It is inevitable for people to take medicine when they are ill in life, especially for the elderly. Some drugs have an impact on sexual function. Unfortunately, most of the drugs are inhibitory. The so-called “Yang boosting drugs” are mostly psychological rather than real drug effects.

drugs affect sexual function

  1. Barbiturates and other sedative and hypnotic drugs: they are the same as drinking alcohol. Small doses can relieve depression and enhance sexual excitement. A little larger, that is, to produce inhibition, inhibit sexual desire and sexual excitement response, resulting in impotence.
  2. Anticholinergic drugs: such as atropine, Prussian and other drugs, have the effect of inhibiting the vasodilation of the vagina, which can cause impotence and decrease the secretion of the vagina.
  3. Many drugs to treat hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, such as reserpine, B receptor blocker and calcium channel blocker, diuretics, such as dihydrocline, furosemide and spironolactone, can cause impotence and decrease the wetness of vagina. In the treatment of hypertension, only the inhibitors of angiopoietin II and angiopoietin converting enzyme seldom affect sexual function.
  4. If we want to control high blood pressure well and reduce adverse reactions, the methods are as follows: first, control weight, eat less salt and increase physical exercise. If the above three can be achieved, mild hypertension can not need to take medicine, blood pressure is controlled, at least can reduce the dosage of drugs. Second, stop smoking and drinking. Thirdly, the inhibitors of angiopoietin Ⅱ and angiopoietin converting enzyme were selected. Fourth, if the above measures still can not control blood pressure, B receptor blocker or calcium channel inhibitor should be added. Fifth, the sexual dysfunction caused by antihypertensive drugs can not be generalized. It is different for prisoners. Currently, there are many drugs for treating hypertension, so you can choose to use them. Please consult the physician for guidance.
  5. Drugs for the treatment of psychosis: such as thalidomide and diazepam can cause no ejaculation during orgasm, and the semen flows back to the bladder. It can also cause the decrease of sexual desire and the decrease or disappearance of sexual excitement.
  6. Ulcer medicine: if cimetidine is taken for a long time, it can cause the increase of female hormone. More impotence and male breast development. It is gratifying to note that there are many other drugs for the treatment of ulcers, such as ranitidine, famotidine and Losec, without such adverse reactions.
  7. Antiallergic drugs: such as chlorpheniramine, diphenhydramine, etc.

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