How to care for men during menopause

Balanced diet, menopausal men's fat and weight is easy to increase, so in the diet, to reduce the consumption of foods with high sugar content, it is better to eat more protein, calcium and multi vitamin foods. Chicken, fish and rabbit meat are easy to absorb and can be eaten properly; legumes and bean products contain a lot of plant protein and microelements necessary for human body, which can be eaten more; fresh vegetables and fruits can provide a lot of vitamins, which should be eaten more; do not overeat dinner. Generally speaking, in the aspect of diet, we should take the principle of low salt, light and moderate combination of meat and vegetable as the principle, and give priority to freshness.

Smoking and drinking are harmful to our health. Smoking can destroy vitamins, thus affecting the absorption of minerals, damaging human organs and aggravating the symptoms of menopause; and smoke contains a large number of carcinogens, damaging people's immune system, which will increase the risk of early menopause in men. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also affect the activity of osteoblasts and lead to osteoporosis.

men during menopause

Maintain a healthy and peaceful mood. Experts point out that men who are entering menopause are better able to learn some common sense of menopause, understand their physiological and psychological changes, and then take it calmly. Men who have entered menopause should pay attention to psychological adjustment. First of all, we should keep calm and calm, and eliminate unnecessary tension. Second, we should learn to control anger,

&"Anger hurts the liver" will also bring disharmonious atmosphere to the surrounding people, which is not beneficial to others. Thirdly, psychological catharsis should be carried out in time. In addition, if a man in menopause happens to be in menopause when his spouse is also in menopause, the husband and wife should be considerate, comforting and communicating with each other in a timely manner, which will help the husband and wife to work together to get through menopause smoothly.

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