How to eat carambola? Pay attention to this point when eating carambola, otherwise you will be poisoned

Some young friends like to eat carambola, but they also need to pay special attention when eating, because it is not recommended for nephrotic patients, which may cause poisoning. Maybe it also makes many people worry about carambola. Can’t we eat it? Is it really toxic? Let’s learn about it together.

How to eat carambola

1. Are carambola poisonous?

Carambola is mainly produced in China’s Guangdong and Guangxi regions. It can be said that it has always been loved by people. But for kidney disease patients, it is best not to eat, or it may cause fatal injury.

Generally speaking, if this kind of people eat carambola, they may have nausea, vomiting, consciousness disorders and so on, and even death.

But because carambola is not a common fruit, when kidney disease patients accidentally eat carambola after these symptoms, there is also a toxic carambola argument. But this is actually a misunderstanding about carambola. Carambola is not toxic, but it needs special attention for some people.

How to eat carambola

2. What should we pay attention to when eating carambola?

Although it is a delicious fruit, but because it contains a substance that can have a certain impact on the central nervous system, it will have a toxic reaction.

For people with normal kidney function, if you eat some carambola properly, it will have no effect on the body, but for people with poor kidney function, because the kidney can’t filter normally, it will cause this substance to be left in the body, and finally some toxic reactions will occur.

How to eat carambola

Once the patients eat carambola by mistake, after these reactions, they usually need intensive hemodialysis treatment to make the body return to normal.

All in all, carambola is not toxic, but for people with poor renal function, we should be cautious. It is better not to eat carambola, especially for the elderly.

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