the effect and taboo of eating taro for women

The starch content of taro is very high. It tastes soft and glutinous. It tastes smooth after cooking. It’s very good to eat taro in winter. It has a variety of nutrients to bring health benefits and provide energy for the body. What effects does it have on the body? How to cook delicious taro?

effect and taboo of eating taro for women

Effect and function of taro

1. replenishing qi

Taro has many kinds of vitamins, minerals and proteins, among which the mucosaponin can strengthen the spleen and kidney, which is very suitable for the weak people to use, can help regulate qi and nourish the stomach, and has a good recovery of physical strength.

2. Improve physical fitness

Taro is an alkaline food, and there is no toxin in it that can be safely used. It can neutralize too much acid in the body, balance the body state, prevent the occurrence of cancer, and has a good effect on adjusting the constitution.

effect and taboo of eating taro for women

3. Dredging the stomach and intestines

The microelements and fiber in taro can help digestion. Eating taro when there is no appetite can have a good medicinal effect.

IV. beauty and hairdressing

Taro can change seborrheic hair loss, protect hair black and bright. It can also make the skin bright and clean, supplement niacin and vitamin C, and have a beauty effect.

4. detoxification

Taro has inhibitory effect on pathological changes and swelling toxin. After the body absorbs it, it produces immune protein, improves immunity, and has auxiliary therapeutic effect on carbuncle, swelling toxin and pain.

Taboo of taro

1. raw food

Taro can not be eaten raw, its mucus will stimulate the throat and have a certain degree of toxicity. This kind of mucus is good for your health after you have cooked it thoroughly.

effect and taboo of eating taro for women

2. Allergy

Raw taro can cause skin damage. You need to wear gloves or boil it first to break down the mucus.

3. overuse

Taro can help gastrointestinal peristalsis, but its starch fiber content is high, eating too much will cause indigestion. In particular, people with weak intestines and stomach are prone to flatulence. It is suggested that two milk taros a day is enough.

Taro contains a lot of potassium and carotene, but the fat is very low. It is suitable for women to lose weight as a healthy food. Do not eat when the body is allergic to phlegm to avoid aggravating the condition.

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