Women should “move” in winter

In autumn and winter, many girls find that they have more troubles than in summer: they are always easy to feel cold hands and feet, slow blood circulation, and tired all over, and they don’t know when to start, the speed of fat accumulation is several times faster than in summer. Once inquired, nearby many sisters all have the above symptom.

Experts say that the metabolism speed of the human body is higher in summer than in winter. The situation of the above-mentioned women is that the “low metabolism rate” mentioned by western medicine and the “deficiency of both qi and blood” mentioned by traditional Chinese medicine. While the low metabolism rate is conducive to keeping the body warm, it is also easy to cause Yin deficiency and increase fat accumulation. As the saying goes, “when you move, you will have Yang.” when you enter the autumn and winter season, you must “move”. This is not only to keep slim, but also to improve the overall function.

Female friends before menopause, if they can keep aerobic exercise for at least half an hour every day in autumn and winter, eat food suitable for their own physique, and get enough sleep, not only will fat not accumulate, but also can strengthen their body functions and improve their mental outlook, the above symptoms will disappear naturally.

In addition, you can also eat some mutton, pepper, ginger and other foods to help fever and promote blood circulation, especially those who are afraid of cold and chilly. However, it should be noted that people with hot constitution should not eat more.

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