If you can't eat fruit after dinner, you may know when it will be better

In the past, many people may choose to eat fruit after meals, because it is often like going to a banquet after serving. When sending a fruit platter to people, it will make people feel like fruit is suitable for eating after meals.

But now many people know that fruit is not eaten after a meal, so is it eaten before a meal? In fact, many female friends may not be sure when to eat fruit, and often they will eat the wrong fruit at the wrong time.

eat fruit after dinner

Today, Xiaobian will briefly introduce some time points for attention when eating fruit.

For example, don't eat sour fruit before meals or when you are hungry

Maybe many people will eat a little hawthorn or other fruit with sour taste to appetizer before eating, so as to facilitate better eating and maintain a better appetite. But in fact, this kind of practice may hurt your stomach and intestines. Sometimes, it may cause some female friends to eat more, resulting in obesity or excessive fat intake;

The better time to eat fruit is around 9-10 a.m. or 3-4 p.m., which is the most favorable time for human body, i.e. it needs to be eaten in the middle of the interval between meals, because it is the best time for human body to absorb fruit nutrients, and it will not affect your eating and food digestion after eating;

In addition, it is also recommended not to eat too much fruit before going to bed at night. It may be that many people are prone to hunger in the long night. They often choose to eat some fruit to satisfy their hunger. They think that fruit is a good thing, and they will not be fat if they eat too much. But in fact, eating too much fruit will not only be fat, but also be bad for your health, because fruit also needs to be digested and has more sugar.

Therefore, female friends who usually like to eat fruit and often don't know when to eat it well can learn about it. In the future, they may have more time concept and know how to eat fruit.

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