how to eat fruits? You can’t eat more fruits at will

There are some female friends who may also pay attention to health preservation and develop the habit of loving fruits and eating more fruits. But why do you sometimes fail to realize the benefits of eating fruits, but more often, it seems that your body will feel uncomfortable or more uncomfortable after eating fruits?

In fact, Xiaobian wants to tell female friends that fruits are different, not that all fruits are of the same nature. Some fruits may not be suitable for you to eat, and if you choose the wrong fruit, it will have no effect, but will cause physical discomfort.

eat more fruits at will

In fact, fruit can be divided into warm attribute and cold attribute according to its nature.

The fruits with warm and hot attributes are orange, peach, bayberry, longan, pomegranate, lychee, durian, etc. these fruits are more suitable for those female friends who are usually weak, are easy to be afraid of cold, and often have cold hands and feet. Eating these fruits can help to regulate their physical conditions, so that you can eat fruits effectively and effectively; But these fruits are not recommended for people who are easy to catch fire or have problems such as constipation and dry mouth, because eating these fruits may aggravate the burning problem of the human body, leading to aggravation of the disease, but not conducive to the body;

As for the cool fruit, there are pears, bananas, sugarcane, loquats, watermelon, grapefruit, oranges, kiwifruit and so on. This kind of fruit is more suitable for those who are on fire, such as those female friends who have sore throat or tongue problems can choose to eat some pears to reduce the fire; But if the body constitution is weaker, the stomach is not good, and the female friends who are prone to stomach cold need to pay attention to eating these fruits, otherwise it may cause your stomach cold and aggravate the gastrointestinal problems.

Therefore, through understanding these, I believe that female friends should have more direction on how to eat fruit in the future, hoping to help you, so that you can really recuperate your body and maintain a healthier body by eating fruit.

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