Women need to eat for maintenance in winter

The weather is cold in autumn and winter, and the body begins to enter the season of relatively slow metabolism. At this time, it's the best time to supplement. Women want to supplement their Qi. Then, it's necessary to learn some recipes to keep out the cold. Eating them will not only improve their Qi and blood, but also help them keep out the cold well, so that you won't catch cold or get sick.

eat for maintenance

1. Stewed pork ribs with soybeans

In winter, eating more spareribs can well supplement the body's ability to resist the cold. If you add soybeans, you can have good Qi and blood, and your body muscles and bones can be more comfortable. When making this recipe, you can soak the soybeans in advance. When they are swollen, you can stew them together with the ribs. Remember to throw some ginger into the pot. The stewed bones are not only delicious, but also, after you eat them, your body will be warmer. It's best to eat in cold weather.

eat for maintenance

2. Black glutinous rice porridge for nourishing blood and Qi

Eating porridge in winter is also a simple and warm choice. Then, you can try black glutinous rice porridge. In addition to black glutinous rice, some red dates, yams and longan dried porridge are also put in the porridge. These ingredients are cooked together to make the porridge taste special sweet, especially the girls who like to eat sweet. In winter, the porridge must be eaten more, and the good color can be slowly raised by it.

eat for maintenance

3. Stewed pork tripe soup with white pepper

You can eat white pepper properly in winter to make your body hot. White pepper is most suitable for stewing together in pork tripe soup. The taste is brilliant and the soup head is salty. The way is to stew pork tripe daily. Just put more white pepper in the seasoning. The longer the soup is cooked, the better the taste will be. When eating, remember to drink soup and eat meat. The effect of nourishing yin and helping Yang is excellent.

It's easy for women to look bad in winter, so try the above three recipes to replenish qi and keep warm, so that you can enjoy the delicious food while also toning your beauty.

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