To eat crab in autumn, these taboos should be understood

Seafood is very popular no matter in which season. It’s in autumn now, so crabs have become the focus of food. Xiaobian has eaten crabs several times, and the taste is unforgettable. But we all only know the taste of crabs, but we don’t know that we should pay attention to some things when eating crabs. I believe that some people will have diarrhea and abdominal pain when eating crabs. In fact, this may be because you eat crabs with the wrong food or eat dead crabs. Then let’s talk about crabs.

1. Can’t eat too much

Crabs can’t eat too much. Don’t eat them like a little knitting. Finally, you can only go to the toilet to report. In fact, this is because crabs belong to cold food, once you eat too much, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, so diarrhea will come to your door.

eat crab in autumn

2. Dead crabs can’t eat

Crabs should eat fresh ones. Don’t buy dead crabs if they are cheap. Therefore, crabs will produce a toxic amino acid when they die, especially the longer they die. And this kind of amino acid can’t be eliminated completely. Eating it will do harm to the body, so dead crabs can’t eat it.

eat crab in autumn

3. These foods cannot be eaten with crabs

In fact, crabs also have corresponding Xiangke food, so when eating crabs, we must avoid sharing the table. For example, eating crabs together is equivalent to eating two kinds of cold food, which can cause gastrointestinal injury. Persimmons are also the ingredients of the autumn season, but remember not to eat them with crabs, or you will have severe vomiting or even continuous discharge. Crabs can’t be eaten with peanuts. Many people have peanut beer and crabs. In fact, if they eat like this, they will have diarrhea symptoms.

eat crab in autumn

It seems that many people will eat crabs in autumn. Do you know that crabs can accelerate wound healing? Do you know that eating crabs often can help the body detoxify? Do you know that eating crabs can prevent cancer? In fact, eating crabs has many benefits, but when eating crabs, you should choose fresh ones, and they are steamed now. It is better not to choose beer for drink matching. The best partner should be rice wine, especially the aged flower carving.

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