Just because you feel good about yourself doesn't mean you're not sick

Many people don't have the habit of going to the hospital for physical examination on a regular basis. The only standard for them to determine their health level is their own feeling. They think that as long as there is no discomfort in the body and they feel good about themselves, it means that there is no disease. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of disease prevention and control.

This is because the human body has the function of self-protection. When some organs in the body have partial lesions, they will automatically call the healthy part to replace them. Therefore, most people have no adverse reactions at the initial stage of the disease. In this way, many & ldquo; recessive diseases & rdquo; will be caused, such as most chronic diseases and primary diseases, which will not have obvious physical discomfort at the beginning, but if they are ignored, small diseases will gradually increase in the body, and the difficulty of treatment will become more and more big, and may even eventually evolve into incurable diseases.

Therefore, we should not blindly trust our feelings, avoid medical treatment, and form the habit of regular physical examination.

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