Morning is not the best time to drink milk

Many people like to drink milk in the morning, but in terms of giving full play to the nutritional role of milk and obtaining the maximum benefit. Milk should be drunk at night, not in the morning.

Because growth hormone is the most important factor affecting the growth and development of human body. It is found from the experiment of measuring the concentration of growth hormone in the plasma regularly. 24 hours a day except 3-4 hours after meals, its concentration is slightly higher, but most of the time its concentration is low, but after a deep sleep of 1 hour, no matter children or adults, there will be a peak of growth hormone concentration, this phenomenon is particularly obvious in the adolescence.

At this time, the body is full of anabolism. Bones, muscles and internal organs grow rapidly, so the best time for teenagers and children to drink milk is 2 hours before going to bed at night.

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